Wanting a fully automatic step up from Denon DP61F

Hi All,

I have a Denon DP 61F with a AT 33 PTG cartridge in my secondary system (Arcam electronics, Paradigm Studio 40s) and am very pleased with it. (When I put the Denon in my main system in place of my Linn Valhalla, Cirkus LP12 it sounded almost as good!) The thing is, I'm always looking for an improvement, hence this post.
What I'm wondering is, is there any table that is fully automatic like my Denon which would sound better. In my secondary system I really want to keep the convenience of both auto start and stop and electronic cueing. I need to keep the price under $1000 and would only want to make a move if I was going to get a significant step up. Obviously, I'm thinking vintage direct drive here. I have a feeling that it is not possible to improve my sound significantly given my requirements, but wonder if anyone has any suggestions for me to think about.
In my identical post on Audiokarma several folks suggested a Yamaha PX2, any thoughts on that?

Thanks in Advance,
Dp72L is lift at end.
I think your 61F is the top of the line for fully automatic.
The 59L is a better TT than the 61F but again it is only autolift at end of play.
Best to try the 47F, which I have a few of. I gave many of these units to all my children to get them interested in vinyl, minor success. I am now working on the grandchildren since some are now adults. The reason I highly recommend the 47F is the full auto features, start, repeat, lift etc. As we all know, full automation is mandatory with the current generation. If they get hooked on vinyl, then they can step up to all the other nonsense. With a 103 or 160 cartridge you get great sound, at a reasonable price. Sound? Well I have other tables, including a Sony x800 which is fully auto and the 47F gives them a run for their money. I also have a VPI Aries with a $2k cartridge and all the accessories, does sound better but not by that much. Also, the beauty of the 47F is that they often come up for sale. However, caution, unless you can pick the unit up, do not buy one unless the seller has and will use all original packing materials and boxes, owtherwise you waste your money.
Sony Ps-x65. fully auto with good arm and excellent sound.. beter than the Yamaha px3 which I also own. PSx60 is similar.