Wanted to share with GON members my new "JOB"

About three weeks ago I got an E-mail from the director of the Website hometheaterreview.com asking me if I would be interested in bcoming a staff reviewer. I gave him a call to get the details regarding this offer. He shared that he had read my Gon reviews, saw the quality of the components in my system and other posts and thought I might be an assist to his staff.

I took this as a great compliment. I have always written my reviews here on the GON just for fun and always hoped my writing these reviews it would provide interesting and helpful information to the members who would read them.

Well, I had to write an "audition" review to see if I could past the mustard so to speak. The review was on the Electrocompaniet EMC-1up CD player. They liked it and I was hired. You can take a look at this review at hometheaterreview.com under current short reviews. My name still does not appear on it yet, they are still setting up my biographical page.

Since I have been a member of AudioGon I have had great enjoyment interacting with other members, many have become very good friends, along with sharing and learning from others here. I'm not quitting my day job yet and still will be an active member here on my favorite website, just hope you take a look at this E-mag which offers very good information and desire to write reviews that will help guide people to good gear and audition it themselves because personal taste and system snergy always comes into play.
Congrats!! A happy beginning. Their decision was very warranted in my estimation after reviewing reviews of yours:) Tho, does that mean we will not be privy to more here, from you??
Outstanding. Congratulations and I hope you have great fun with it.
Congrats! Best of luck on your new venture.
I read your Quick Review. Very professional, pointed out pro's and con's and why (assuming the con's aren't deal-killers) it's an excellent unit.

You will be an asset to Hometheaterreview.com. Very best of luck with your new gig!

Terrific. Will you reconsider my 2006 suggestion of adding pics of your system? After all now that you are a journalist perhaps a digital camera is the next upgrade?
Happy is he whose avocation can become their vocation.


Congratulations Teajay,I am happy for you,all the best!

Your review is right on! I'm on my second EMC-1Up.
I like everything about this player, except the remote.
I bought my current one here on Audiogon for $2400.00,
(with the spider clamp upgrade).
I haven't heard any (used) player at this price point, that comes close to being as musical.
Congratulations!! A very exciting opportunity!!
You go dude!
You must be still 3 feet above the floor. Enjoy this opportunity and keep us posted on where it leads you.
All the best.
Wow. Very cool Teajay. Nice to see your hard work paying off. Keep on keeping on.

Congratulations, Teejay! Good for you!

You obviously have a deep love of the gear and the hobby, as can be seen from your extensive involvement here.

Blessings to you in your endeavor.
Apologies; "Teajay"
Good luck on the new job. Nice to have someone with a passion for good sound has a reviewer for HT.
That's fab. We'll be looking 4ya. All the best.
Congratulations.... it's wonderful to have a job in a field you are passionate about!
I contacted Teajay a few years ago through Audiogon because of his vast knowledge of Jazz music. It turned out that he only lived a few miles from a project that I have been working on. Anyway, I discovered that Teajay is one of the nicest gentleman that I ever met as well as one of the most dedicated audiophiles out there. He is open minded and willing to try things in audio that are unfamiliar to him. A couple years back, I suggested that he explore tubes and now he has more vintages of these devices than I ever hope to.

Congratulations on this honor because you have double blessing of great ears and a gift for writing. It is really wonderful that "one of our own" has now become a professional!!
Baranyi, So, YOU'RE THE ONE, who got Teajay hopelessly addicted to his merciless unbreakable tube habit!!! I hope your happy!! ....., as we all shall be while reading his review of some:)
Guilty as charged!! There are programs for this affliction!
Home Theater? Congrats teajay!! I hope the next review you do is the new 20" flat screen from Sony!! LOL!!

Just kidding....Teajay is a dear, dear friend who took this job because someone who ahs enough sense to read great writing and insight happened to be from Home Theater Review Magazine, and happens to know GREAT when he reads it!! Oh, and HTR is looking seriously to get further into hi-end audio...who better to help steer them into a reasonable and relevant discussion than our own Teajay.

It's always nice to meet someone who is an even better person than they are writer..and then to have them as a true friend, well...I'm honored. I get to say "Teajay, I knew you before you became famous". :) CONGRATS!


Please accept my sincere compliments upon this recognition :-)

Best regards,

What a great story.
My congragulations to you TJ, I've always enjoyed reading your insightful reviews on this site as well as appreciating and truly admiring your ability to articulate your impressions in a coherent easy to understand manner. You will be a great asset to your new employer. I anticipate reading your reviews in the future as you have a special gift my friend!
To everybody,

Thanks to you all for your kind words and good cheer regarding my reviewing gig. I have commnicated and become very good friends with so many people because of this website. So, thanks again and we will keep the good times rolling here on the GON.