Wanted to buy: Speaker cable

Just got audio system:
Power Amp: Conrad-Johnson Premier Eleven
Pre=Amp: Conrad-Johnson PL11
Speaker: Martin Logan Aerius i

I would like to get the recommendation for speaker cable
and match this system with the budget around $1000.

Thank U.
I haven't used C-J equipment before, but I have had Martin Logan speakers. Cardas Cross speaker cables work well with the Martin Logan's. In my experience, Cardas Cross is an all around good cable which works well in many set-ups. Tranparent Super is nice too. The Super's will be a little more laid back, and very smooth (some people may describe this sound as being "dull"). Go to your local dealer and borrow various cables so that you can try them in your system. Most dealers are good about this. It's really hard to say how a cable will sound in a particular system until you have actually tried them. Good luck!
ML's love to be bi-wired, get rid of those shorting bars before you audition any wire. I second the Transparent recommendation, my Quest Z's sound great with Transparent; relaxed, non-fatiguing and reasonably priced to boot. My Aerius' seem to like QED Silver Anniversary flat-ribbon bi-wired (shotgun). I'd suggest spades rather than banana or bare wire for your ML's. Placement is important as well, get the ML's out at least three feet from the back wall and slightly toed in. Once you have the placement right the differences in various cables will be pretty obvious, ML's are pretty revealing. Enjoy the hobby, Jeff