Wanted schema for Audio International, CM Lab 912a

I'm searching technical Shema for my amplifier Audio International C/M Laboratories , model CM912a.
Many thanks for your help, to find a Technic Manual with Electronical DataSheet for this amp.
Sorry for my bad English... (en fran├žais c'est bien plus facile pour moi!)
Greetings from Switzerland!
IIRC, there is a member with a CM Labs amp; search the forums and you'll find a thread he posted and you may be able to contact him. At one time I owned one of their amps, a 150 wpc mil spec behemoth but it got fried in a lightning strike. Your english is fine, mais en francais, c'est tres difficile pour moi!
Searching also for a Schematics for the CM 912. If anybody have one, please contact me