wanted: preamp with bass equalization

I am looking to get a pre-amp and amp or very high quality. I have found that the equalization of pre-amps are usually very good, and require no coloring, except when it comes to bass. Depending on the source music and the overall volume, I find that I always like to be able to juice up the bass a little bit. I will have some very good full range speakers, so ther problem will not be there.

It seems that the solution would be to have some sort of bass preamp processor that can boost the bass (with some equalization there, and perhaps some other esoteric changes.)

Any ideas?
I bi-amp and my bass amp has gain control, or volume knob whatever you want to call it, I do exactly what you wish to do, it works fantastic.
Check out a McIntosh C46 or C42 preamp. They are all analog - no digital circuits - and sound fantastic. Their EQ is extremely well made with bass controls that are in just the right spots. I have a C42 and have not been able to detect any real coloring when the EQ is in the circuit, other than the expected change in tonal balance. When you don't need it, it is totally removed from the circuit. I love what it can do to my poor recordings of great music.

If you are looking for an integrated, look at the McIntosh MA6900. It has a 5-band rather than an 8-band but it may also do what you want.

For the cheapest or at least easiest direct route, I agree with a mcintosh preamp, most have a minimum of a 5 band eq.. I believe a super low setting of 30 hz and your standard 100 hz, with a 150 hz.. All included, and many have the Tailoring Knob for the Loudness boost which also will increase presence greatly for the bottom end.