Wanted Preamp

Which preamp in YOUR opinion is the most musical, has the best 3-D image, a good soundstage and has the best dynamics and PRAT? Don't care is it's SS, tube or whatever, I just want your OPINION in a preamp that meets the above criteria.
Any Shindo preamp
well, you need to state a price range, that really makes a huge difference
I had a Kondo M1000 ($95,000) and then was sent a SMC VRE-1b to try. It smoked the Kondo in every area. It has the best siunbdstage and 3D imaging of anything I've heard!

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Sorry, price from? to $17.000.
Emotive Epifania or Emotive Sira
ARC Ref 5


the top of the line EAR by Tim P.
Take a look at the VAS/Cayin Citiation I, a knock off of the HK I unit of yesteryear that is a marvel of design. The VAS has a center channel out. I have the unit, very satisfied, great sound. Under $5K.
ARC 40th Anniversary
Agree with macdadtexas. EAR 868 has all the features you are looking for. Or atma-sphere MP-1 mk iii. Equally incredible preamp.
Paul's TRL Dude preamp, can be had for 6K.
I've heard the VRE pre and it's truly amazing! Try and at least get an audition.
Soundstage its a matter of room treatment and speaker positioning, however the Mark Levinson 326s is very musical, and addictive.
I am very happy with my BAT REX preamp. If I didnt own it I would have either the VAC signature or EAR 912.
Wait til you here the comments on this one....
Nad / Parasound / Rotel(which I like),...these are some of the pre-amps I have experienced... NONE..can touch the spacial musicality of my vintage...Marantz 600 AV Pre-Processor. A 5.1 / 2 channel gold mine!!! Find one and give a listen. If you get a lead on the MANUAL for this thing... HIT ME BACK PLEEEEZ! Darn thing seems non-existant. 600AV ROCKS!!
The Eastern Electric Avant pre-amp, particularly with an NOS rectifier tube and discreet op amps is a excellent and low-cost preamp. Not the best that I have heard, but you didn't list a price range.

If price is no object, ask Frank Van Alstine to build you a custom, one-off, fully discreet, hybrid preamp.
Very pleased with my Dspeaker Antimode Dual Core 2.0