Wanted opinions on the new Transparent "MM"

Have been a fan and used Transparent for many years. Recently have done trials on Ultra and Reference interconnects, the new MM versions, and feel like they're generally of less quality both construction wise and sonically. Particularly did head to head of Reference with XL and new Reference MM and it seemed older cable was clearly better. I'd be very insterested to hear other people's experience in this regard.
Ok, this was a year or so ago. But I was at a party at my dealer. The Transparent rep was with there demo'ing Super xl vs Super MM. Less than perfect conditions, arcam cd player, Marantz reciever, and Wilson Sophia's. But the Super MM has a little more air and openess, little more detail.

I own all Ref with XL in my system. This doesn't really apply to us, but the lower end was a little better.

Can you tell me what you like better with the Ref w/xl vs Ref w/MM? I'm curious as that was a upgrade path I'd consider one day...
One more thing, are you sure the MM cable were fully broken in compared to your XL versions? This can have a dramatic effect on cables of this caliber and the systems it's usually paired with.

Can you comment on both my posts? Thanks!

I currently own the Transparent Ultra's with "MM" for all my interconnect & speaker cabling. I owned the last non-MM versions (as well as the Transparent lines below Ultra -over the last 8 years).. and in my opinion the new MM versions are more open, less dull, less rounded off, and are now more focused, greater clarity, overall definition and resolution are sonically improved.
I've owned "original" Transparent, Transparent with XL, and Transparent "MM." My experience is that the MM technology is a major improvement over the previous generation.
To Jfrech and others thanks for responses, I look forward to more. About my feelings about what was better about the older Ref w/XL vs new Ref MM. I felt the older cable allowed more of the music to flow through as it is, and the new MM was imposing more of a sonic signature, everything a bit warmed over, midrange emphasized, and the top not as open and extended, a bit rounded off. These cables do have 50-60 hours on them, but maybe that's not enough will try further break in and respond with results.
i hate to whine about a great company, but once upon a time
transparent offered plus, ultra, or reference, with a "bar graph" and a reasonable explaination of what to expect ea. level of their cables to do. i started w/ultra, and (much) later on, "graduated" to ref.w/xl. the improvements have been subtle but nice, and i set a budget for myself.
now there are a seemingly endless #'s of choices. & what if, for ex., ultra MM is better than ref. or ref.w/xl or ref XL?
transparent needs to print a CRYSTAL CLEAR brochure/white paper on what they're all about. oh, and imho, $1k for 1 meter i.c.'s is more than enough $$ to link two components together. $5K for mit "shotgun" sp.cables used to make audio-nuts gasp for breath. nowadays, you're limiting your soundstage w/o carbon fiber. i've heard opus btw- it's good, but there still weren't musicians in the room; and i later went home and enjoyed my system just as much as i had before...
Mdishler...on the cables, I'd have something like 300 hours on them before really listening. This is a real possibility on why you heard what you did. Especially certain things like midrange over emphasized and top end rolled off. Those are classic breakin things.

Although, I have seen other posts that in general the MM is warmer sound than the XL series...

Please email me if you listen to the MM longer and they change for the better...
Yeah Jf right after my last post I realized what I said sounded like break-in issues also. I keep waiting for them to really "open up" and they haven't yet. 300 hours sounds like a bit much, but you may be right. I think I'll try calling Transparent Tuesday and see what they say in terms of break in. Maybe it is break-in because my experience is virtually the opposite of "Simple", exept that I do notice improvement in the resolution and focus, even it their somewhat shut down state. I'll keep you posted.