Wanted leads on blues, blues rock folk

There is a lot of great music that pretty much gets ignored by today's formatted radio. I would appreciate any leads from peole who are listening to similar music. Currently I have the following in heavy rotation. Coco Montoya, Suspicion; Jimmy Thackery& the Drivers, Sinner Street; Greg Brown,Covenant; Deborah Coleman, I can't Lose;Patty Larkin,Regrooving The Dream; Jess Klein Draw Them Near;Eva Cassidy, Live At Blues Alley; Debbie Davies, Tales From The Austin Motel; Slaid Cleaves,BrokeDown; Dave Alvin, Public Domain;Eliza Gilkyson,Hard Times in Babylon;& Les Sampou "self-titled'. Thanks: Larry
My current favorites are: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong (I know its jazz but..)-Ella and Louis -Verve Master edition - a mixture of honey and Jack Daniels that just shines: Willie King and the Liberators - Willow Creek - reminds me of John Lee Hooker- kinda raw and unpolished but appealling in its simplicity .
If you're into blues and haven't yet discovered Shemekia Copeland, you should check out her debut album and her new release. This lady is the real thing...arguably the next Koko Taylor / Katie Webster.
Hi Lwin; I can strongly recommend Terry Evans-- his CDs have been Stereophile Mags recording of the month a couple of times, but don't let that turn you off. It's great music. Young blues/rockers that are favorites are Susan Tedeschi, Sue Foley, and Shannon Curfman. These may be somewhat unpolished, but they make up for that in pure energy. Craig.
You might also enjoy Etta James' "Life, Love, and the Blues" and "Love's Been Rough on Me." Well recorded and what a voice. Hope you enjoy. Charlie.
Looks like you enjoy blues guitarists. Check out Melvin Taylor (latest release "Bang that Bell" on evidence records). Everything from straight ahead Chicago Blues to Blues rock to jazz. Very versatile, technically unbelievable yet very musical. Very unique.
Check out http://www.musicmaker.org . They are doing a great job of trying to preserve music from some of the 'old time' blues singers. I have several of the CD's they have produced and the sound quality is excellent. If you like blues you can't go wrong...plus they are a worthy cause.
Echo Etta James, Love's Been Rough on Me is a great album. Also all of Terry Evans's albums, and Sam McClain. Anything old by BB King of course. But here's one that's old and no one over mentions, and its one of my all time favorites, Sam Cooke's Night Beat. Not pop/soul. Best late night album I've heard.
Oh, I cant help but mention the other two who are never mentioned, Irma Thomas and Tracy Nelson. Try Irma's True Believer cd and browse the Tracy Nelson selections on Amazon.
Try Shemekia Copeland, Doug Macleod or Susan Tedeschi
Great thread. Check out Eddie Campbell's King Of the Jungle. One of the best blues guitar tones out there. I like JL Hooker's 'Chill Out' quite a bit too. I think it's his best album. The great musicians he has joining him are outstanding as well: Booker, Santana, Van Morrison.
Try Lightin' Hopkins' "Goin Away." If you like vinyl, Analog Productions has released a phenomenal version of this recording on 180 gm. You can pick up at www.amusicdirect.com. Cheers for the Blues!
Sounds to me like you enjoy singer-songwriters. Try Joe Henry "Shuffletown," Chris Smither "Live as I'll Ever Be," Kelly Joe Phelps "Lead Me On" or "Shine Eyed Mister Zen," John Hiatt "Crossing Muddy Water" (bluesy, but not up to the level of his greatest earlier work). This one may be a stretch, but Ron Sexsmith "Other Songs" is kinda nice in the folk-rock category. Ditto for Martin Sexton "Wonder Bar."
As far as singer songwriters go in the present day,check out Steve Earles El Corizon,Transcendental Blues or Copperhead Road.This man covers it all rock.rockabily,blues ,country and everything in between,and no self respecting stations other than public ones would ever give him airplay.Translation= good tunes.
Gotta check out Taj Mahal. His entire catalog is great. Start with Senor Blues, The Natch'l Blues, & Phantom Blues. He records many other people's material but always makes it sound his own, and the musicians he puts together are always great - very tasty stuff. Then try World Music & Sacred Island. Carey Bell is a harmonica player with the real thing. Paul Butterfield for Chicago Blues. The North Mississippi All Stars have a recent release that is rough and loud but hits home.
I agree with ears Steve Earle is outstanding. Also check out "Train A Coming" by him.
Check out http://www.mapleshaderecords.com/main/BLUES%7E1.HTM.

Also, I don't think anyone's mentioned Muddy Waters "Folk Singer". MoFi's reissue is awesome!
Blues-folk-country-whatever. "Black Sheep" by Marin Sexton.
"Confessin' the Blues" by Carrie Smith is wonderful. Her idol while growing up was Bessie Smith, giving her a similar sound, only with more recent technology. Truly great horn players (trumpets, trombone and saxes) as well as old guitar.
Robert Lucas, "Luke and Locomotives", "Built for Comfort.."
Audioquest label.