WANTED: Help stuck in tube rolling insanity

hi:) i need low noise, non microphonic 6922, e88cc, 6dj8, ecc88, 7308 or e188cc tubes to try before i spend any more money in tube rolling frustrationland. i KNOW you know what i mean..lol. i'm wondering if there's any of you out there in the san diego area who have 2-4 spare 6922, e88cc, 6dj8, ecc88, 7308 or e188cc tubes laying around that you would mercifully let me try for my line stage in my audio research sp-10? if they work,i am willing to pay fair price and/or trade for...? thanks in advance ;)
Buying NOS can drive you a little crazy. I have learned to live with (and enjoy) the sound of current tubes in my ARC preamp (an LS7). I'm using the Electro-Harmonix 6922, available at many dealers (I like www.tubedepot.com). Some folks in Tube Asylum also have kind words for the current JJ/Tesla. These don't cost a lot compared to vintage Amperex or Siemens. Of course they don't have any audiophile cachet, but I can live without that. In my system, the EH's sound darned good. Maybe worth a try for you as well.
I have put RAM super low noise tubes in every component I have had that used 6922 tubes. They are absolutly dead quiet.
Here is the address:

If you can find some, try a matched set of the late 60's, Telefunken e88cc..
Do you need matched tubes and aside from microphonics what sound quality are you looking for. I am using regular Seimans Rorher right now late production. You are right prices are higher than ever. I have had some pleasant surprises such as an equipment pull amperex white label. I bought the Mil spec Mullard CV2493 from an agon tube dealer and am delighted with it its a drop in for the ECC88 (in fact it's just designated E88CC -01, it gives a much cleaner signal than regular Mullards). I don't know what your definition of expensive is but I agree seeing these nine pins selling as CCas,7308s, Pich waist etc for $2-300 a set is ridiculous. My tube guru in England told me that all that stuff was absurd and more collecting ego than improved sound quality. I live on the east coast but if you want send me an e-mail.
I had a Cary SLI-80. I ordered a set of Amperex 7308, paid $65.00 a piece for them. They did not make a differnce to my ears. I went back to the stock Chinese, all is fine.
btw, i looked up on the arc archive database....that units takes ALOT of tubes !!!!!
Call up Leonard at ARC to find out which pair(s) of tubes will make the most difference first. The Sonic Frontier Line 3 also uses like 12 tubes, but just one pair of NOS tubes at the input stage will make up 90% of the difference. Two of my friends are using the Line 3 and they both use a pair of NOS 6922s + 4 pairs of Electro-Harmonix 6922s. (the other pair are power regulating tubes) This might be the case for the SP-10 as well. Then you won't have to spend $$$$ for 12 NOS tubes.

Have you try using tube dampers to battle the microphonic issue? The cheapest option would be teflon coated silicone o-rings from McMaster. (50 for $8.50) Others have tried Herbie's HAL-O with good results ($10/each). ARC's 3M ring also works well, but they stick to the tube and will not come off.

If you want low noise NOS, you will have to pay premium and get them from reputable dealers. Of course, they charge an arm and a leg. But if low noise, non-microphonic is your top priority, current production tubes (EH, JJ, EI) are your best bet.