Wanted: Exceptional preamp w/remote

Is there such a thing? I want a CAT, but I want a remote too. Any suggestions? Thanks for you thoughts.
I am ignorant what a CAT is. But the Conrad Johnson PFR solid state preamp has a remote and is outstanding. Stereophile Class A
The Tube Conrad Johnson Premier 17LS, and the Premier 16LS it replaced both have remotes. You cannot get much more high end than any of these preamps.
CAT ?? I have a champion pedigree Maine Coon Cat. Here name is Sugar Britches ("Sugarbrie"). She does not have a remote.
I am very happy with my Sonic Frontiers Line 3. It provides great performance and a great remote all for a very competitive price as compared to other vendor's models.
I have a CAT preamp with phono, it is by far the best preamp and phone stage I have heard in my system. I became tired of always getting up to change the volume. I read a review in The Absolute Sound on the Placette Remote Control. I bought one with the 30 day return policy from the company.I can not detect any loss of sound with the Placette, it is very transparent and really mates well with the CAT.Many CAT owners have this combination.Good luck, you just can't go wrong the CAT.It sounds wonderful and has great resale value.
Her full name is CH Cooneyisle Sugar Britches. The "CH" denotes champion. She is a Champion with the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) which is the national organization much like AKC for dogs. She needed something like 5 first place ribbons at cat shows to get the champion denotation in her name. If you type "Cooneyisle Sugar Britches" with the quotes in HOTBOT or ALTAVISTA you will find web sites with a couple breaders who have her children and grandchildren. As I said she does not have a "remote" but I am under her "control"!! She sits with me in the listening room. The only CD that has caused her to run out of the room was an Ethel Merman CD played loud!!! I think we are getting off the subject !!!
What's your budget? Given that you mentioned CAT, I wouls think BAT and SF would be in you price range. The BAT VK30, %, and 50 all have remotes, and te last two were/are Stereophile Class A reco. components just like the CAT. In case you are interested...I have a BAT VK5 with the SE upgrade on auction at Audiogon.
Hey Sugarbrie my late Maine Coon cat, Marcus, loved to listen with me. Since I listen in a bean bag chair he would fight me the sweet spot, the top of my head! His favorite was Brahms and hated the Ramones.
Sugarbritches- obviously not a CAT to be taken lightly, but I can't help wondering about Rec mating Placette with his CAT. Would Placette have to be a champion as well? Is there a stud fee involved?
VAC and Joule Electra preamps can be equipped with remotes and are quite nice sounding.
Doesn't know what a cat is--?? Is our buddy Larry here?? (read his thread) Rec, what issue TAS? As a lazy guy;I'm intrested.
Ops,The reference to Larry's thread is "hifi opinion- nothing more" . I owned Jule Electra 3 years;now cat owner.Had both for 3 mos.---guess that expresses my feelings on that!
Audio Advisor has a Creek remote volume control for $199.95 which I use with my preamp & it works great. No addition or subtraction from the sound in my opinion. Call 1-800-942-0220 for info. #0 day return guaranty
Avguygeorge the review of the Placette Remote is in the August/September 1999 issue#119 page 79 of The Absolute Sound. There is also a review on www.soundstage.com, June 1999. By the way Kitch29 there was a 1000.00 "stud fee" to mate the placette and the CAT. Good listening to all.
I use the Kora eclipes triode with an upgraded remote power supply. I've had Cat, Conrad Johnson, and A.R. The Kora is the best I've owned. Around $7000 and worth every cent, bought mine as a CES demo and saved 40%!
Try a Jeff Rowland Consonance or Consummate. Excellent pre-amps both with remotes.
Avguygeorge: I'm confused about your post in reference to the Joule Electra & CAT. Are you saying you owned the Joule for three years or three months? Did you or did you not like it. Do you own a CAT now? Please clarify. Thanks...Sagger
for $2k used, the melos ma-333 or music director is really nice - remote operates only the balance & volume, tho...

regarding the creek remote add-on, several years ago, i called audio-advisor ready to order one to go w/my electrocompaniet ec-1a. they talked me out of it, saying i wouldn't like the reduced clarity & dynamics...

Good call Audio4fun the consonance may well be the best, teamed up with the amp! If I only had money to burn.
Ref Sedond. One good thing about Audio Advisor is tat you have 30 days listening to decide. Still believe it does not take away from the sound afte about 10 days.
I have owned the CAT IV and the Ultimate great preamps. I recently switched to the Aloia gear. Probably a lateral move except the Aloia has a better phono stage. At one half the cost I sold the CAT and made some money. Aloia has the outputs for bi-amping which was the major factor. It does have a remote.
The Vac "Standard Preamp" Limited edtion or the standard are great preamps w/remote. They sound truly awsome very neutral w/ great soundstaging and 3D holgraphic imaging. E-mail for info.