Wanted Bel Canto Pre2P Preamp 240v

I'd like to get my hands on a Pre2p Bel Canto Preamp,
Preferrably With the Touchscreen remote.
Needs to operate on 240V Power As I am in Australia, the cord itself is not an issue, just voltage. And I really am chasing the Pre2P not just the Pre2 Line stage only, as I will be looking to utilise the phono stage, as Im sure it will be better than my PM-8 Consonance..
Would also consider a trade for either my 3 year old Nuforce P-9 Rose Copper Pre, Or my 15 month old Consonance Linear 1 with brand new full music tubes

I see you are a new member. You need to place a "wanted to buy" in the classifieds.