Wanted: Alon Thunderbolt subwoofer

I currently own the Alon I speaker system and looking for a bass boost to compliment them. The Thunderbolt was highly recommended to me, but apparently out of production for several years. Any leads or info on how to track one down would be gratefully appreciated! Many thanks in advance...
I have read that there were three versions of the Thunderbolt, with some significant differences.
There was a used Thunderbolt 3 for sale on the Audiogon site a few months ago, but I believe it was sold. I'd suggest you place a wanted ad on the site and see what happens. I had wanted to find one, but got a JL sub after months of waiting with none showing up on Audiogon. The JL works fine with my Nolas, so I didn't pursue the Thunderbolt when it appeared. I'd suggest you consider that or a REL subwoofer if you can't find a Thunderbolt. Good luck.
Don't see Thunderbolts come up for sale very often but I've been using REL subs for quite a few years with my Alon's/Nola's with terrific results.

You may also want to consider doing the woofer low-pass x-over upgrade on your Alon 1's. I just did the upgrade last night on my Alon 1's and it is a very worthwhile/performance upgrade and that observation is just a day into playing them.