Wanted... Advice - Best Speaker for McIntosh Amp

Help Please. I'm building my first 2 channel system in many years. I realize speaker sound is subjective and personal; however, I would love some advice.

Listening Room. Den with many windows, 13'W X 25'L X 8.5'H
Power System. McIntosh C-2200 Tube Preamp
McIntosh MC 352 SS amp
Listen to about everything from Nat King Cole to Led Zepplin.
Price Range: $1,500 to $3,000 used
Kinda leaning toward B&W 804N, 805N, or Monitor Audio Gold Ref 60... any thoughs? Jim
B&W N802.Great synergy.
McIntoshes are the only ones that to my ears can make the B&W N line sound good (i.e. not too bright). McIntoshes seem to be able to bring out the best in most speakers. Magnepan 3.6, Joseph Audio RM33, Vandersteen 3A (for very warm sound), Thiel CS2.3, all sounded excellent and seemed to work very well with Mcs (the first three were with MC352 actually and the Thiels had MC202). Not much to go on, I know, but auditioning will really be the only way. I audition anything and everything. Nice setup BTW.
I use a pair of ACI Jaguars (old model, not the new LE) with my MC-202 and love them. Great musical combination. I have also heard the 202 with Thiels (some floor stander, can't remember the model) and 805N B&Ws and thought it worked well with both of those as well. I have heard a multichannel Mac driving Dynaudios and thought they sounded great too. The 352 should be able to power just about anything, so you have alot of choices.
I used to own the MC 300 amp with the C-15 preamp. I used it with B&W Matrix 802's, PSB Gold i's, and Aerial Model 6's. The 802's were really awesome with the McIntosh - just because the matrix line is discontinued don't count it out! It sounded fine with the other speakers too, but the PSB's weren't quite as good as the other two. Sometimes I wish I still had the whole system.
I think the 804's would sing with your setup.
Stay with what you already are intersted in(i.e, the B&W 804's or whatever). However, if you are into zepplin or rock in general, BIAMP THE 804'S!!!! Find a good strong used excellent BASS amp(like Parasound HCA3500, w/volume controls for ch's), drive the bass woofers with the 350w/ch Parasound(again, excellent bass amp), and use the better Macintosh on top!!! The sound will be very very dynamic for your needs, will sound very refined on top, and you'll be pleased..trust me! I know, I've used all the stuff we're talking about here for years!
Good luck
I have your exact setup with the 2200-352. I use Legacy Focus 20/20 with it. I also have used the VMPS RM 40's and the Martin Logan Odyssey. B&W speakers such as the 804's are also excellent choices . Any of the lines mentioned in my thread such as the Ascent, Legacy Sig III's would work well and be in your budget range in the used market . Have fun in your hunt.
I use a McIntosh MC352 amp (great amp) driving a pair of Monitor Audio Gold Ref 60, speaker cable is Tara labs RSC Master shotgun bi-wire. The sound was simply incredible to my ear. I have auditioned many different brand of speakers and amplifiers. Some of them were in a much higher price range. I was lucky enough to take quiet a few brands home for audition. I auditioned the B&W 803N at my house, heard the 804N at the dealer's showroom. I prefer the Monitor Audio GR-60 far better. To me this speaker is an incredible bargain and it work perfectly with the McIntosh MC352 amp. If possible, try to borrow a pair from a dealer for a home audition. That is the only way to be sure. I will not buy anything unless I can hear it in my home's setup. I have made too many mistakes before and now I learned. This may be hard to do if you are buying used. Good luck.
I like my setup: MA6450 and Tannoy D500. The D500 is a very good buy at ~$1600 used. Excellent imaging, tight bass, and very enjoyable to listen to (not bright al all).
I admit that the B&Ws are not my favorites, but they can actually sound good with McIntoshes. Tannoy, Magnepans, and Paradigm Studios really sound excellent with them too.