Wanted ads are back Good job Audiogon and Thanks

I think Audiogon put time and thought into this matter and came up with a good solution and Its Still FREE!
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One more thank you!
Make that two more thanks yous
As a sceptic to the "wants" returning free I will be glad to say thanks as well, good job!

Glad to see this very useful feature up and running again. It's nice to see a company responding positively to their customers input. Thanks Audiogon.
Kudos to Audigon for restoring a truly valuble part of the site.
WANTED: To post a heartfelt "thank you" to the mystical and unseen powers that be at Audiogon, for the return of the "wanted" catagory. Well done, guys!
Yes, glad to see the service back. THANK YOU AUDIOGON!
Agreed, this is a great thing. Thanks guys.

Well, might have spoken to soon! discontinued already?
The link doesn't work on the home page but if you click on New Today & scroll to the bottom of the page you'll see the ads.
Thanks driver, I finally figured that one out