Want your input before making a speaker decision

I just purchased 5 Vienna Acoustics Waltz Grand wall mounted speakers. Music is as or more important to me than theater. Have any of you used these speakers as mains with a sub? I am debating if I should part with the Martin Logans and Krell Resolution and keep all 5 Vienna speakers. If I have a good sub, will the Viennas perform better or worse than the Martin Logans for music. My music preferences are Diana Krall, Natalie Cole, Yo Yo Ma, Winton Marsalis, and so on. I currently have a Krell HTS preamp, Sherbourn power amp, Faroudja CD/DVD, Epik sub, Martin Logan source mains, and Krell Resolution 4 as my center.
I am looking forward to your input
Hi Greg,

A few questions and observations: if you purchased them then why don't you just compare them head to head with your Martin Logan's?

Secondly you are really talking about electrostatic vs. dynamic speakers. They each have different strengths and weaknesses and each do different things and have different nuances with their sound. So to my thinking if I were you, I'd decide on the electrostatic vs. dynamic issue first and then build my system around that.

Talking about different speaker technologies conjures up very rabid devotees of one technology or another. That tells me that some have very strong leanings for one or the othe based on what the technology does or doesn't do. Thus I think you need to first decide on which you prefer.

Just my two cents.

All the best
if you purchased them then why don't you just compare them head to head with your Martin Logan's?

I second that motion.
Can you third a motion?

If I read your post correctly, you already own all these speakers that you asked about.

Hook them up and try each configuration out until you hear what you like the best, only your ears can decide.

What works for one person in their Unique room set-up may not work in someone else's room. And so on and so forth.....
I really appreciate the input. I purchased the speakers, but have not received them yet. I purchased them, because I needed a pair of good surrounds and got a great deal on 5. My intent was to sell the remaining 3. So, I guess my real question is have any of you had experience with the speakers and what are your thoughts regarding their strengths or weakensses. I have owned electrostats and dynamics and enjoy both types of sounds.
PS I love this site, because there are so many people with a lot of experience and different opinions.

Thanks again
Greg I
I agree with Internetmin that a system should be built around either electrostats or dynamics and not mixed. They really are two entirely different sounding speakers. But it appears you have already mixed them by using the Krell, a dynamic, as your center. If you are happy with these three, then use the VA's as your surrounds as was your original intention. Surrounds are the least critical to match with the LCR in a multi-channel config.

However, as VA owner myself, I would endorse the Waltz's and encourage you to try the VA's all the way around to see how you like them. I persoanlly love Vienna's and find them extremely lush and musical. They are also very easy on the eyes with their furniture grade finishes. But thats me. If you go this route, this eliminates the electrostat/dynamic problem and you would have 5 perfectly voice matched quality speakers in your 5.1 config. But with their angled enclosures, the Waltz's are really designed for on the wall mounting. Your current speakers are floor models and bookshelf, right? Are you prepared to mount the front three Waltzs on the wall? If not, then back to your original plan and just keep two as surrounds and sell the other three.

Good luck in whatever you do.

If I go with all Vienna, I will mount them all to the wall.