WANT tukans to do the disapearing thing???

hi all, another pain in the ass question!
i have a pair of linn tukans on atacama se24 stands about 2 feet from the back wall 7feet apart
no near walls either side!
i'm running a arcam/linn rig-sounds good!
i want the music to apear its coming from the room and not the speaker has anybody got any remedys/help,,,,
my room is 20 by 14 feet--i have no subwoofer at the moment
please dont tell me to turn the lights out or wear a blind fold.
Assume you've tried placing the Tukans closer together (5-6ft) and 3-4ft from woofer to back wall. Another matter is the amplification: which Linn is it (assuming it's a linn amp, arcam the cdp). Electronics usually help the disappearing act...

Lastly, speaker cables: if linn, you can do better in my experience (and not too expensive at that -- see OTA, et alia). A fast cable with open highs will do the trick.

Had a pair of active Tukans (&Klout) on loan for a few months. Nice tunes!
want 'em to disappear? send 'em to *my* house! ;~) seriously, try a tubed preamp, for starters. i assume the speakers are away from the side walls, &/or have sound absorption at the sidewalls' 1st reflection points to the listening position...

doug s.
DID you guys ''toe em in'' or leave the speakers straight,
thank you for your replys!
the rig is -pretek-powertek-arcam cdp-nordost inter's and linn speaker wire,

I would pull the speakers out from the front wall to 4 ft. As well, not all music material will enable to make your speakers disappear. For example, most audiophile stuff from Chesky when played on most speakers will make it sound as if music is not coming from the speaker if properly set up, but normal music is sometimes recorded so that it is panned hard left or right and the sound will emanate from the speaker and not "disappear".

Good luck!
Try room treatments from (www.decware.com).
I have Tukan's in my office system. I have also tried them in my main system in a very large well treated room with Sigtech DSP room correction. It is hard to make them disappear, especially since there is a certain brightness resulting from a small peak in the frequency response and the port can excite the room modes. However, I think they are great speakers (I’m listening to Haydn on them right now) and recommend them to all of my classical music listening friends on a budget.

This is only way I have found to get them to come lose to disappearing. Make sure that the first reflection points (especially behind you) are treated ant that overall the room is a little dead so the brightness is not reinforced. Get them away from the back wall so the port doesn’t excite the room modes. Set them no more then 6 feet apart, toe them in and listen close to on axis at 6 – 8 feet.

Doing the disappearing act isn’t the Tukan’s strong point but musical enjoyment sure is.
I used to sell Linn gear and I agree with P1s1. The Tukans are certainly musical and definitely possess the toe tapping, pace & rhythm thing that Linn is famous for, but disappearing into the room just isn't one of their strong suits(at least relative to other speakers where that is more of a strength). Pulling the Tukans out into the room might help, but you'll probably sacrifice a good amount of bass in the process(subwoofer time), so there are trade offs(as always).

I suppose it's possible your taste in musical reproduction may be changing as you listen more and/or hear other systems, so if this "disappearing" aspect starts to get in the way of thoroughly enjoying the music it might require looking at other speakers(i.e. Triangle, Coincident Tech., Silverline, Soliloquy, Joseph Audio, etc.) that more readily pull off the disappearing act. Otherwise just have fun experimenting with positioning and enjoy the Tukans for all the other positive sonic attributes these little gems possess. Best of luck.

I'd say a little further from the back wall (3 feet), and a bit closer together (6ft) ... how far from the plane of the speakers do you sit ? I've found an equilateral triangle works well. Toe in helps mostly if there are side walls present, but a slight toe-in could still help you.

There's no precise formula so little movements might make big differences.