Want to upgrade my cartridge from 2m blue to black

My first post here on the forums and I needed an honest opinion. I have a cheap music hall mmf 2.2 turntable with 2m blue installed. I like the sound but was wondering if I can get better details from upgrading to a black cartridge on my basic turntable. Would it be worth it? I’m definitely an analog lover but am budget constrained. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
I am told the black is very critical in picking up noise from dirty vinyl.

That's not true. First of all i assume you play NEW vinyl, not a 40 years old vintage vinyl or not? So why do you expect noise on a new vinyl and why do you think a new vinyl is dirty by default ? 

If you play old vintage vinyl (like i do) the Shibata, LineContact, MicroRidge are so much better than Elliptical, because it can ride on a virgin part of the groove walls, not damaged by previous owner with Conical or Elliptical stylus decades ago. 

With Shibata, LineContact, MicroRidge stylus profiles you can only improve the sound quality compared to Elliptical profile. This is upgrade anyway. A lifespan of those styli are much longer! 

Read more about different types of styli here

Only digital aficionados are talking about noise coming from vinyl. 

$700 is fine for a great cartridge, but probably not enough for a good turntable and definitely enough for both, so you can do step by step. 

I would recommend to look for new Technics released this year:

SL1500s with build-in phono stage and phono cartridge ($1399 in the USA) or SL1200MK7 for $1199 in the USA.  

You are not getting the most out of your Blue. Upgrade the table/arm.
You can upgrade components all your life and still not get the most out of your vinyl :) 
Agree with Stevecham source first. Put the money aside until you can chip in some more for a new turntable. No need to put racing slicks on an Accord.
The 2m black will need to be properly adjusted to get the most from it with shibata stylus. If you cannot adjust both your stylus rake angle and azimuth properly you will be wasting your money.  If your confident in adjusting those 2 parameters and overhang with tacking force. You will hear a difference.