Want to upgrade my Adcom GFP 565 preamplifier

I want to upgrade to a better preamp that will not cost over $1200, used. I like my current system but can't help but feeling the GFP is the limiting factor, especially in the high's. Any suggestions for a solid state preamp?

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If I'm not mistaken, that particular Adcom preamp has a reputation for being mediocre at best. The good news is that you won't have to spend anywhere near $1200 to get something that blows it away, especially if you go used.

I'd first look at the Adcom GFP 750 - it's at least 10 years newer and was a high-value Stereophile "Class A" Rated Pre. New, they were around $1500 I think - there's one for sale here at Audiogon for $750.00.

Good luck!
I bought a used Linn Kairn preamp here on Audiogon, it is a very good sounding preamp in my opinion, a little hard to find but they show up here from time to time.
I would second the GFP750--very smooth and great soundstage. High quality components for the price. Can be used in active or passive mode--the passive is extremely neutral with a nice deep soundstage if you like that. Imaging is really tight, good sense of space. Bass extension is very good, and treble sounds airy. Just a very neutral sound in pure class A. Plenty of good reviews and discussion threads. Can run balanced and sounds best in that mode as it has true balanced design. Newer designs probably better this one, but for your setup it would be great (and for the price can't be beat.)
Thanks for you responses. I have looked at the 750 and am sure it is better than the 565. I do have concerns about a lot of negative reviews. In particular, the comments that it is clinical, life less and lacks smoothness in the upper end. This is probably a bit of snobbery but who knows. I am intrigued by the claim of increased soundstage and sweetness of tubed gear but tubes scare me. I don't want the expense of regular tube replacement or to worry that they need replaced.

I have not heard any Linn products, but have heard good things about many of their products. I will see if there are any reviews.

I was thinking of Classe CP-50 or 60 which have both received great reviews. However, being solid state, I am not sure they would be that much better than the Adcom 750.
Okay, I further reseached the GFA 750 including a review using my speakers and it is in serious contention if I can find one. The one on Audiogon appears to be sold.

"Revisiting an old Friend - the Adcom GFP 750
by Robert H. Levi"

I still would like to hear any comments on the Classe products or others in that league.
The 750 is far from clinical and lifeless. I think it is extremely musical and true to whatever source you feed it. The top end is extremely smooth, at least in the passive mode. Active mode, not so much--so maybe that is the criticism. I think many preamps are a bit too forward for my taste and that is why I like the passive mode. But you do lose some dynamics depending on your set up. I think the negative reviews are snobbery. But to each his/her own. Resale seems strong on these. I don't think you could go wrong if you tried it, didn't like it, and wanted to resell, but you'd want to pick one up for less than 750. Make sure you get the original, made in USA model with blue circuit board--it supposedly sounds better than the later made in Taiwan model with red board, and make sure you get orig box, manual, remote, etc........I have never tried a tube pre. Have thought about it but am not crazy about the heat, bias issues, maintenance, etc. Keep us posted!
Just a minor point: if you're using a B&K 202+ as your "high" amplifier, you probably won't have to worry about anything sounding "clinical." I owned one and found the treble a bit soft.
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Here's another thought - PrimaLuna ProLogue three preamp - Smooth warm tube sound, but not syrupy. Also, the tubes are auto-biasing so you don't have to be a multimeter jocky to get it sounding right. Look for one used in your price range.

Or, Modwright SWL 9.0SE

In the solid state world, look at a used Classe, Nam NAC 112, Primare Pre30, or a budget fly in the ointment, the new NAD C-165BEE, which is really quite good.
Thank you all for all the comments. You have given me some things to think about for sure.
The Adcom 750 is a Stereophile Class A recommended component but I personally did not care for it. How much are you selling your 565 preamp for?
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Tkyc - have you tried a new preamp yet?