Want to trade McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe for DNA 0.5

Preferably Deluxe edition.
Your cheap ass should just pay for a for sale ad in Audiogon rather than this BS. Audiogon moderation at its best again. While other pay for ads they just let this crap through.
Why trade an amp you already have for a lesser one from the same company. Doesn't really make sense.
Jedinite, It's not about cost idiot, I have nothing to sell, I want to TRADE, you don't have to understand it, sad little man.
You are a cheap prick trying to game the system. The forum is about discussion not trying to trade gear you have. Open up an ad you cheap bastard like others have done before. Through the years I've seen many a trade listing. Forum is for discussion only not for any transactions.
You started with the attacking and name calling and I'm the prick, that's rich.
No I am not trying to game the system, that's just your suspicious mind and hurt little heart at work.

If the forum is solely for discussion then how is it possibly that my thread has angered you so much,lol,now go away.

I will not be responding to you anymore, your a waste time.