Want to swap amps for 30 days?

This may be a little more difficult in Knoxville than it was in Chicago, but let's see what happens...
I would like to hear a Coincident Frankenstein or other very good 300b amplifier in my system.
I would like to find some who would like to hear either my Jadis Orchestra Reference or my Art Audio Carissa Signature in exchange while I listen to their amp.
Having moved to a less densely populated area of the country makes it difficult for me to find local audiophiles.
It never hurts to ask.
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this forum is a ghost town compared to others . try audiocircle or audio asylum
Great idea Matt! With as much as we buy and sell gear, I was thinking that it would be cool to have "a cable company" for amplifiers. A place where you could audition amplifiers; pre amps and dacs would be nice too.

I wonder if audiophiles would pay in to a pool of sorts in order to try out gear...
Maplegrove : Thanks. I will do that.

B_Limo: I think that any company would be interested in participating if they can afford it. Over the years I have bought so many dacs, amps and cables that I have either sold at a loss or still have sitting in the closet because I pretty much bought blindly. The Cable Company has a great model for cables and they might be in the best position to add amps, dacs and some other electronics to their repertoire.

Or maybe Audiogon could create a system to insure the transaction and derive a profit for acting as an intermediary between the loaner and loanee.
I've brought up the idea of leasing before on here and certainly like the idea of loaning or swapping.
it's much better with cars.
Limo, I have done that already but only one way :-)