Want to replace RED Dragon amps with stereo amp

I have a pair of Red Dragon M-500 digital monoblock amps. They are 250 RMS. They sound very good but I am downsizing, and want to get rid some of the boxes. I was considering going to a quality integrated amp, but I love the BelCanto PRe3 pre-amp I have. So now I am leaning toward a very good basic stereo amp of 100-150RMS. I don't want a monster amp because I have serious back problems and can't lift a monster amp. So looking for suggestions and advice.

Would prefer a quality SS stereo amps, but would consider a tube amp. (Please no Wyred4Sound products). Would seriously consider the Odyssey Khartago, but am not sure I am not dropping to a lower quality sounding amp and performance Thanks.
Price range?

Since you like your Pre3 so much, how about the Bel Canto REF150s stereo amp?

***Bel Canto dealer disclaimer***
Bel Canto also has a nice integrated amp
i agree with Goldprint. Ref150 is very natural sounding amp and very affordable.
how do/did you like your Red Dragons so far?
i'm thinking of upgrading my Sunfire SRA to I guess M1000 and love to stay with digital amps in my hot climate.
To Marakanetz: Red Dragons are very nice amps. However, they have the dumbest speaker connections I have ever seen. Instead of standard 4 or 5 way binding post connections. They use this short tit or nub that you place the spade lug over. To secure the lug to the nub and amp chassis, there is a plastic plate that applies pressure to the plate via a knob and holds it in place. Not very secure. They do NOT accept banana plugs

So far I have had no mishaps. The problem is you cannot buy used speaker wires with lugs at the amp end, and bananas at speaker end. Most wire is either all lugs or all bananas. So I have lost great deals on used speaker cable because of these stupid connectors. My speakers don't readily like spade lugs. Let us face it banana plugs are the easiest and most secure, and with my freakin bad back I don't want to mess around with connectors anymore.

BTW, There should be a member review of RD M-500 amps from 2 years ago on Audiogon.. Check it out. Regarding buying a Bel Canto Ref 150 stereo amp, they don't come cheap even used. I am still harboring the idea of a good integrated and to hell with separates. Ideally I would like to downsize to a three component system However, Thanks to all for the advice and comments.
Not a problem for me because I use bare wires on both ends. If I need I can replace connectors to good binding posts. My buddy once bought ref150 for $800 used. Due to the lack of power he traded this one in for higher price($850 to the dealer) to get W4S ST1000.
I guess he'd get just as quick selling it by himself for over a $1000 used. The amp had no signs of usage and still smelled new with all documents.
To Marakanetz, If I decide to sell the Red Dragons M-500, I will contact you off line; you will probalby see the add first.

No REF-500 on AG today; I checked with BC, about any extra stock, or dented stuff, just as long as it works and is 50% or better off of retail
Nice I'll appreciate that.
My Sunfire develops a loud humm and neither me or techie I trust can't grab an idea of what's going on. Ther's a Carver repair shop, but they will throw the bill fo $350 + shipping from eastcoast to Bay area.
To Markanetz. Without getting totally off of this thread, I noticed you mentioned the Bay Area. Interesting, I may be moving into the Bay Area next year from Hawaii. I know sounds crazy. Nevertheless, I lived in SF in 1970's when going to UC Berkeley for grad school, so know the place very well having visited at least 15 times over the years.

I was somewhat stunned, but was aware of, the high rents in SF. They are off the scope in price. However, I consider it my home even though I a native Philly guy. I hope I will be able to find at least a pup tent for under 2000 in the City by the Bay. Great city, great restaurantss, and great looking women. Alas!!
To Sunnyjim: Just wanted to say that I have the RD M-500 amps as well. Very good sounding amps, that are powerful,lightweight and efficient. The Cardas speaker terminals have no problem with banana plugs. I have had mine for 3 years or so and have used them with banana plugs with Audioquest regular banana and now Kimber 12TC with the WBT banana connectors. Just put the ends straight in from the top of the connectors or the bottom.
Have you spoken with the folks at Red Dragon or Cardas? They may be able to assist you with a diagram or some other instructions. Good luck with whatever your outcome is.
Tony, How will it work with bare wires? Any issues? In fact I don't like any other terminations except lockable speakon(neutrik beats them all including WBT).
I've never tried bare wire with the connection on the back of the Red Dragon Amps. I'm sure the folks at Red Dragon or perhaps Cardas can let you know if that would work. Maybe if the wire was solid core or stranded, it would make a difference?

I really like these amps. They are powering Vandersteen 3A Signature loudspeakers with wonderful results. I understand the new version of the amps are now updated to be more compatible with tube preamps with a higher input impedance.
Tonyjack, Thank you for the suggestion. I just find these connectors very difficult to work with. Hard to believe that the plastic plate and knunkled knob can hold down a banana jacks and keep it in place. I think I am looking to either upgrade the amp or downsize to an integrated amp.
Why not upgrading terminals to neutrik or WBT? It's piece of cake job.