Want to replace my speaker cables

See my system. I suspect that my speakers cables are my weak spot. I need about a 15 foot run because all the gear is on the right side of the room. I bought the Nordost years back primarily because it seemed it was OK, and even more importantly, it was flat so I could put it under an area rug. I still need a relatively flat cable as running under the floor isn't an option.

I'm not in the bright/hyper detail camp. Prefer warm, full, solid bass and midrange glow.

Maybe I should just keep my cables?

Suggestions please?
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Which Nordost cables do you have. They have a lot of new cables that you might like better than what you have
15 feet isn't that long. If you are not having any problems with your current cables, keep them.
I'm not in the bright/hyper detail camp. Prefer warm, full, solid bass and midrange glow.

Huh? Given that comment, I am surprised that you are happy with your Nordost speaker cables. I have always found Nordost to be extremely fast and revealing, but too thin and sterile sounding for my tastes. If you like the Analysis Plus interconnect, maybe you could try some AP speaker cables too. Just about any other cable line will offer warmer, fuller sound than Nordost.
I guess this is why I want to replace these cables- I don't generally want to swap out anything that I am satisfied with.

On a side note my observation about Nordost is that the pricier the Nordost the more hyper detailed. My Nordost cables are or were at the entry level line, and to my ears, were more balanced that some higher priced ones. For instance I once tried another Nordost- Red Dawn I think, and found it not to my liking at all.
I use Acoustic Zen Satori. I considered Analysis Plus Oval 9 but few people found it bass heavy. Satori is very good and not that expensive. I bought it for my class D amp to add a little weight/fullness to lower midrange but was very surprised how fast and clean the sound is. Also voices appear "silkier". The only drawback is thickness of the cable - strange looking at first, but now it looks great to me. Oh, I missed that you still need flat cable - forget Satori.

I agree with Zavato - according to common opinion Nordost house sound is not what you're looking for (just the opposite). For warm sound Cardas would be perhaps better.
If you like what you get from the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Ovals Interconnect, why not explore Analysis speaker cable? Many good things have been said about them in reviews.

I would also jump on the band wagon to say there is nothing wrong with Nordost but, in your case I feel it's a mismatch to your speakers and amp combination.

What would possibly be my number one pick might also offer you greater synergy and a move toward a smoother, more lush musicality, just a tad less audiophile, without a loose of your fine detail and air... I would offer the newer Audience Au24 (e) Speaker Cable and would suggest that their interconnect cables included in the loom would have merit as well. It's always a tricky thing to settle on the fine tuning of a system synergy with cabling, as few of us have the opportunity or resources to taste test a wide sample of brands, at home, for a long enough period to digest the results with long term listening.

I wish you the best in your journey as you have an amazing kit already.

Happy Listening!
I have to agree with R_f_sayles

From both personal and anecdotal experiences, generally all-in-like-kind synergies appear when matching your speaker cables to your ICs.
Leaning towards the AP Oval 9's. Wondering if I should go with Oval 12's bi-wire shotgun. The total equivalent AWG for that is 9 guage, the same as Oval 9's. The kicker is the shotgun Oval 12's run less scratch than the 9's.

To an earlier poster who wondered why I would be happy with the Nordost, well, it is the only thing in my system I'm presently considering trading out.