Want to replace my sony cdp x777es

Hi Looking for suggestions,
My Current systen consists of Mcintosh Amp MC2105 and Pre Amp c31v and b&w 602 s3 speakers. I have about $1000.00 to spend on a used cd player to replace my sony x777es and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what would be a good match with my current Gear.
The 777ES is a classic, and only one notch below the SCD-1. You're unlikely to find anything better than the 777ES for a grand.

I'd consider having your 777ES modded by Reference Audio Mods (RAM). If you RAM exactly what sound you're looking for in a new player, they would be able to suggest the best use of $1000.

Otherwise, consider a DAC and use the 777ES as a transport. There are many excellent used DACs available for ~$1000.