Want to replace digital monoblocks VG stereo amp

I have a pair of Red Dragon M-500 digtial monoblocks which are 250 RMS each. They sound good to very good but have some irritating operational features like on/off switches behind the amps, and no 5 way binding posts for the use of banana plugs. Spade lugs work but are difficult to keep tight and in place Sounds trivial until you have to move a heavy component rack to change or tighten speaker cables.

Need recommendations on a very good 100-125RMS stereo amp to drive a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagios. Would go with a McCormack DNA 0.5 or 125, but don't want to spend the bucks to upgrade it to Gold level to far exceed performance of Red Dragons Also, SMc has raised their upgrade prices. Willing to put $1000-1100 in the purchase used or new. Thanks, Jim
Damn Jim. I feel for you still on this quest after all this time with little gains. Have you been able to get in touch with any local dealers where you are in Honolulu? I believe Underwood Wally is by you. Also there is Stewart Ono (unclestu) who is also great resource of all things audio. Maybe those guys can help you out with gear. Also is there an audio society or group in HI where you all can gather around and listen to gear periodically? Sometimes that is helpful too. From looking at the current Audiogon listings from 1 to $1100 there isn't much out there that could be an improvement to your current situation.

Best of luck on the search.
Easy recommendation: Odyssey Khartago or Stratos. Inexpensive, great sound, IMO. Power switch on back, but Odyssey recommends they be powered up at all times for best sound, unless you will be away from home for more than a few days.
Bondman, The Khartago is an excellent recommndation, but I am recently troubled by reports that this amp and the Stratos have been know to have reliability problems

Jed, Not to worry, I am just considering a possible longterm downgrade. So, Wally can't help; and I don't know Steward; but, do know Shawn at Hawaii HIFI who intends to have a wine, cheese, listening night, but I still have not heard. That is about the closest I will get to an audio society in Hawaii. Actually, in many ways I am satisfied with the sound of the system. I have have been evaluating some inexpensive speaker cables like Clear Day and Audio Arts, and rcently have been recommended a speaker cable called DNM which is reasonable.

However, I was advised many years ago when I was audio floor salesman to rotate out, that is, sell my equipment before it loses market value, The longer you keep it, the less chance you have to sell it at a fair price. I am considering moving out my Rega P3-24 Dynavector 10X5 MC combo, but I have not made a final decision. The other consideration or factor is that I never planned to stay in Hawaii forever, and so need to sell some pieces off so as to cut down on shipping costs back to the mainland

Ultimately, I see the system with just a CD player (hopefully either the Rega Saturn or Ayre CX-7 mp2) pre-amp, amp, and a high quality monitor which I would buy after resettling in California. Or, Possibly a super quality integrated amp instead of separates.

Regrettably, the older I get(now 65) high-end audio becomes less of an obsession or should I say, preoccupation. After doing audio since 1972, it is sad to find myself in this state of mind, but life moves on and one's values and interests change. Regards, Jim
FWIW, I have had my Stratos for six years. I did have a capacitor fail early on, and it was repaired under warranty. However, I did have to pay to ship this 64 lb. beast back to Odyssey. Since then, no issues.
There's a Belles 150A Hot Rod for sale here for $675. (no affiliation with seller) That might be a nice neutral sounding amp with 125 watts.