Want to play my vinyl collection - again

To boldly go where this man hasn't been for a long time.
I still have my vinyl collection cause I always knew that CD quality sucked - well up until lately it seems.

So many turntables to choose from I need the help of the knowledgable folks in this forum.

I'm somewhat clueless about what I need.

I don't believe the Cary has a phono preamp/stage (I'm guessing I need one).

My current system which doesn't include my Technics SL 1700 (I think) turntable sitting in the garage..

Source(s) - Oppo BP83SE universal disc player highly modded. Transporter and a highly modded Squeezebox 3.
Amps - Nuforce 9SEV2 and a Halcro MC50
Preamp - Cary SLP05 tube monster
DAC - Neko D100
Speaker cables - Synergestic Research Tesla's
Interconnects - Assorted DIY's using the finest wire I could find Furutech connectors
Power - Crappy power conditioners with DIY power cords on a dedicated circuit also with an assortment of great plugs.
Current Speakers - AV123 LS6 Line Arrays (12 ribbon tweeters and 14 mid base drivers)

Don't want to mortgage the farm and used is good.

I was inspired by the Opera Consonance LP 6.1 at CES. I said "hey, I think I can afford that" at 1.3K dollars minus the cartridge. So maybe sub 3K for everything seems reasonable? I don't want something that doesn't play well vs my other sources cause it's a waste of money if I don't play it..

Thanks for your suggestions!!
Go for used Clearaudio Performance with a Sumiko Blackbird cartridge and a Graham Slee Era Gold (great bargain!!) for the phono stage into your preamp.

That preamp is so good, it will make anything sound awesome.

If you want to step it up a bit, look for a used Sota Nova or stand in line for a new VPI Classic. I would stick with the same cartridge and phono pre on this until you decide you like it and want to move up.

The Clearaudio is really stellar, btw.
LOL! Slikric great response! But I tried that turntable. Snap crackle pop. I remember those days and remember, it's like I'm a newb to vinyl again. I've been streaming FLAC for years. Hell, I've just revisted CD's cause my Oppo BDP83, which sounded like total crap stock is playing amazingly well after being turned into an SE and the additional mods made it a killer machine - wow!

What else do I have in the garage? Hum, a MAC 1700, original condition. Just sits there. Plenty of vinyl, correct again. Oh ya, boxes of cables like every other audiophile... Sony 777 DVD player, Yamaha RXV 2095? receiver. What's in your garage?

What about the Aeries series like the Aeries 1 or 3?

BTW, I'll look for the Sots Nova and the Clearaudio's.
Is there no Love for the Opera Consonance line? Specifically the Droplet 3.1 with the T988 tonearm.
Well if I had a garage there would be a 388 Chevy stroker I had built but never got around to installing, a Muncie 4 speed M20 I believe out of a big block Chevelle ( takes the same yolk as the turbo 400 I believe or so they say ) and Craftsman 40 inch proline box. Of course I would also have a few Penthouse centerfolds pinned up.
Contact member Trelja for the scoop on Consonance. He was the North American distributor for a number of years. It was through his efforts alone that I was able to resolve a number of customer issues regarding product failures.

Consonance's support was pathetic.

Personally I would avoid anything in the line despite the latest attempts to resurrect the line.

Consonance's callous disregard for the end user will remain unchanged IMO.

Disclaimer: former Consonance retailer.
Good information thanks. Surprising too as it's been in my experience that performance audio companies treat users very well. Nuforce especially. I blew up one of my monoblock amps, told them so, dropped it off in the morning (they are close by) and had it repaired (new board) and back to me that afternoon. No charge.

It's still amazing to me just how expensive it is play vinyl vs a CD player. I'm scared to go too cheap because I typically I'm bad about selling stuff I don't like, so it sits in my garage (where a 388 stroker should occupy).

There seems to be 6 basic components to play vinyl. Turntable, arm, peamp, cartridge, isolation table and record cleaner. That could add up fast!

What is the ratio of cost per component? Seems like it may be prudent to a least find a good used turntable/arm/cartridge and then locate a suitable phono preamp correct?
You forgot a record cleaning machine. I bought the following used components about a year ago when I reentered the vinyl world at a total cost of $2300 and have been very pleased. Michell Gyro se table, tricked out Rega RB300 arm, clearaudio virtuoso cartridge and the Graham Slee Era gold phono pre. One addition I have made is the MintLP protractor which was probably the best $100 I have spent in audio. Accurate cartridge setup is a must. Good luck
Turntable: KAB-modified Technics SL1200 with tonearm rewire and fluid damper. Add in the outboard power supply if it's in your budget. Replace the feet with an M6 threaded set of Soundcare Super Spikes.

Or SOTA Comet

OR Rega P3/24 + PSU

OR Marantz TT-15S1

OR Clearaudio Emotion CMB with Satisfy tonearm and Maestro cartridge

Clearaudio and Marantz include cartridge. There are several excellent cartridges in the $300-800 range for the KAB/Technics, SOTA, and Rega including Audio Technica AT150MLX or OC-9, Denon DL-103, 301, 304, Zu-103, carts from Dynavector, Clearaudio, Goldring, Rega Exact for the Rega, and Ortofon 2M Bronze or Black.

Phono stage: Musical Surroundings Phonomena II ($600) unless you want to spring a grand or so for the Slee Era Gold (which, unlike the Phonomena, doesn't do low output moving coil).
The Clearaudio Emotion solution looks like a great re-entry deal into vinyl. Nice

Here's a dumb newb question. Regarding the Musical Surroundings Phonomena II vs the Slee Era Gold, does the Maestro cartridge work with either phono stage and what would be better in case I upgraded cartridges at some point?
01-12-10: Desalvo55
Regarding the Musical Surroundings Phonomena II vs the Slee Era Gold, does the Maestro cartridge work with either phono stage and what would be better in case I upgraded cartridges at some point?
The Clearaudio Maestro is a MM cartridge with 3.6mV output, so it will work into the Slee Era Gold. I personally don't have experience with either phono stage, so I hope someone with experience with one or the other speaks up here.
About the comments made by a previous post on Consonance customer service:

Grant Fidelity is currently representing a few top Chinese manufacturers including the analog line from Opera Consonance. We also take care of product services of past Consonance product sold at regular retail price, not at fire sale price. In 2 years, we had less than 5 repair cases and all of them were solved completely with Consonance's support.

One thing needs to be mentioned that a purchase at clearance price with 'As-Is' condition doesn't qualify manufacturer's warranty. It's seller's responsibility to disclose such information to the buyer. I have received emails from buyers who bought a Consonance amp at $300 (retail should be arond $1k) but expect full factory warranty. I don't think this is a reasonable request - we see liquidation sale everywhere in North America and if you read the small print, it all doesn't include warranty anymore. It's not fair to blame the manufacturer on such a term - it's just part of the reseller's liquidation process.

I do not want to comment on the relationship between Joe and Consonance - it's their private matter. I feel sorry for some retailers or consumers are caught in between the matter. From our experience in dealing with Opera Consonance and any other Chinese factories we conduct business with for the past 4 years, customer service from Opera Consonance is no less than any other manufacturers and it is in a very fair term. They have knowledgeable staff who speaks English well and respond timely.

If you still have concern about purchasing Chinese products, please note that any products sold at regular retail price by Grant Fidelity will be warranted directly by Grant Fidelity on behalf of manufacturers. If a product sold as clearance, the original full warranty will not be included.

Thanks for reading.
Rachel - Grant Fidelity