Want to make sure I have the correct settings for my phono pre-amp


So I have a Jolida JD9 II phono pre-amp.

I have a Hana SL MC Cart. This Cartridge calls out for >400ohms for the impedance.

I have the following settings set on the Jolida:

- 1000ohm for the impedance

- Using the High Output for the interconnect (since the Cart is low output and according to the instructions). The manual states to use these outputs for Integrateds and line stage pre-amps

- For the Voltage Gain dip switches: set to MC Low

The Impedance setting of 1000ohms, I know I can try different settings but for the other settings, I believe that is what I am supposed to use according to the instructions but wanted to see if anyone else has used this phono pre-amp or have any opinions.

Using the high outputs definitely sets the gain really high as on my Integrated, I turn up the volume just a couple of notches and the music is already pretty loud.





I don't have the Jolida, but I will say when it comes to adjustable preamps - trust your ears. The whole point of the settings is to dial in the cart to best suit your system and room. I would try the 300ohm resistance setting on the preamp and see how that sounds.