Want to improve sound of Silverline Prelude II

I have the Silverline Prelude II's which are the revised version of Alan Yun's original design. I currently drive them with a Creek Classic SE5250 integrated amp (85RMS)Speaker cables are 12ft runs of Analysis Plus Oval 12; My CD is a Sonographe SD-1(20 years old CD player modified and marketed by Conrad Johnson") Interconnect is an Audio Magic Spellcaster II. Overall, the sound is clean, dynamic but somewhat bright and forward, and often digital sounding.(I currently have no turntable, but will be getting back into vinyl soon)..... I am sure some of this is the Sonographe CD player which has been flawless and provides very good sound. However, I like to take a shot at improving the overall sound, that is, making them more coherent sounding top to bottom, and a more natural presentation without making it sound like a British monitor. I have considered the following equipment moves: Rega Apollo CD and/or new speaker cable. A member recommended JPS speaker cable. I have read that a tube integrated or separates are possibly more compatible with the Preludes, but the Creek(so far) provides great low level detail and depth of staging, though lack the slam, and upper harmonics of my old setup of Aragon amp and CJ preamp. I realize the solution might be to just buy a better speaker. Previously, I had Vandersteen IC's. a good speaker for the money, and have considered the 2CE Signatures, but they might be too big for my 15x22 living room; All comments and opinions welcomed,especially from Prelude II owners. Thanks, Jim
I own Sonata III loudspeakers, and I have gone through several tube and solid state amplifiers trying to get the speakers to sound balanced and not tipped up. What I have discovered is that in my system, the Sonata III require amplification that doubles output as impedance is halved. This is the only amplification that has resulted in excellent and balanced sound, which I now have.

The Creek 5250SE does not double output as impedance is halved. It produces 60 watts into 8 ohms and 75 watts into 4 ohms. This results in the tipped up sound you are hearing because the upper frequencies are being reproduced louder than the lower frequencies, where the impedance is lower. You require an amp that produces 60 wpc into 8 ohms and 120 watts into 4 ohms for the Prelude II to sound their best.

So, in my opinion, you need to change your amplification. When you do, you will very likely hear positive results.
Tvad, Thanks for the technical info about RMS power and speaker impedance. I like the Creek, though I think it lacks the resolving power of the separates I owned for 20 years before downsizing. Though, I am not quite ready to part with this integrated amp; though, I am open to suggestion about alternatives to the Creek. I have considered the Vincent separates which received good to very good reviews; but, I am trying to avoid big box components. Speaker-wise, I have always been impressed with the Totem Hawks, but they are too expensive even used, and I think they require more power than the Creek can comfortably deliver. The Preludes are above average speakers but not keepers like the Sonata III. Thanks again Jim
The Creek doesn't match the Prelude II impedance curve, as your listening proves. If you'd rather keep the Creek, then a speaker with a flat impedance curve will match better. I'm not sure the Totem qualifies.

Here is an integrated amp that doubles power into 4 ohms. There are many others, I'm sure. Portal Panache. It's available with a home trial, so you could demo it with your speakers to hear for an improvement. I'm not endorsing this amp, just highlighting it for you. There are comments in the threads about it.

The Classe CAP-151 and Audio Refinement Complete come close to doubling power into 4 ohms, though they don't quite get there. They do get closer than the Creek, however.
I own the Prelude II's and they are totally kicking butt in my system.

As I see it you have two areas for improvement. As I recall, the AM Spellcaster cables were very bright and not well-balanced in my system when I tried them. I would try some different interconnects for sure.

I'd also consider getting rid of the Creek. It may be detailed and clear, but I'm sure it's far from harmonically natural and pure.

My room is smaller than yours at 11 x 14, but I've had very gratifying results driving the Preludes with an Antique Sound Labs 1003DT amp, and even better results with the PrimaLuna Dialogue Two. The Dialogue Two really gets it done and can play the Preludes surprisingly loud without losing its composure. If you have a turntable, I'd definitely spring for the MM phono stage. It's fantabulous and then some.

I was using a Kavent A210 integreated hybrid amp for a while with pretty good results (similar to the Vincent) but I like the ASL amp a bit better and the PrimaLuna a lot better.

I've tried the Preludes with solid-state, tube/MOSFET hybrid, and tube amplification and I have to admit that they really strutt their stuff with a good tube amp. Don't forget to try different interconnects!!!
Tvad's comment is very useful, I must say I have never taken much notice of whether an amp doubles output into halved impedence. I could'nt see it had much relevence. When you think about it, it must cause variations in volume, prominence, across the frequency spectrum, when impedence varies. You pick up something every day.
Greetings... I use a pair of Silverline Preludes IIs, just as yours. I have been in hifi heaven since I auditioned (for the total cost of $1) a NuForce IA-7 V2 integrated amplifier. I use DH labs interconnects and speaker cable. The A/D converter is an Apogee Mini-Dac, using its balanced outputs converted to single-ended RCA by an Jensen IsoMax. The Apogee is driven by a cheap DVD player or by iTunes, using AppleLossless encoding. You gotta hear it to believe it! It really is that good. This is the first time I've ever been totally happy with my system in 25 years of trying... 'nuff said :-)

Check out the audition program on the NuForce website. For the cost of $1, they pay the shipping both ways, even if you don't purchase the amplifier.
I currently have Vandy 1Cs, each with its own 2Wq sub. I run a SS amp and a tube preamp (whole rig in my profile). I have heard the Preludes and Boleros. I am in love with the Boleros, but can't afford them. I cannot use larger Vandys due to their width (and I cannot affords Quatros). Based on your experience, how would you compare the 1Cs to the Preludes? Also, I am curious about the Allegro, which looks like a larger Prelude with a woofer added on top and on bottom of the Prelude driver array. Unfortunately, I don't see any way to demo the Allegro, bit I think it would work better in my basement listening/HT room (20 X 18 X 6 cieling). Anybody have any thoughts on this?
I will get an Allegro soon to evaluate it. The specs look identical to the Prelude which is a good speaker.

I have the Silverline Prelude II's. I had a Rega Jupiter CD player but have since changed to an OPPO player for digital transport and the PS Audio Digital Link III for the DAC. The Digital Link is a phenomenal DAC. Highly recommended.
Hi Jim.
I'm a bit late but what amp did you end up with to use with the Preludes? I'm currently using a Rogue Audio Cronus integrated with my Preludes and tied together using Audience Conductor cables and the sound is very well balanced.
I am using a rega brio3 and rega appolo with Project debut turntable and grado gold. Rega interconnects and Nordost Solar wind bi wire speaker cables.

I can t believe how good it sounds. Very ballenced. very full. Ammazing such little speaker can produce such base. Love them !
I want to thank everyone who responded to this post. Unfortunately, I became seriously ill after I submitted the post and was unable to answer or respond to those members who offered advice and comments. It took me awhile to rekindle my interest in audio. I still have the Prelude II's, but they are in a smaller living space. I may need to reevaluate my amp and cables as suggested by some members. Though, I have considered replacing the Preludes with the new Epos 16i which have received good reviews. Again, Thanks to all members, Jim
Very classy for you to thank everyone, Sunnyjim. Hope you're health is back to normal and you can continue to enjoy your audio system again.

Best of luck.
As a follow-up to my post above, I am currently in the middle of a home trial of Ohm Walsh 2000 speakers. Compared to my Vandy 1Cs, they are incredibly smooth, not bright, and do not exhibit any of the compression I heard with the Vandy 1Cs at higher SPLs. Not having a crossover in the mids or upper-mids is a big plus, IMHO. The Ohm Walsh speakers are designed to sound the same throughout the line, but you choose the model that is appropriate for your room's cubic footage: www.ohmspeakers.com. Worth a look. I extend my wishes for continued good health.
Mine sound great with Sophia Baby Electric,but Rock and Roll fans would think otherwise I imagine. on Bach or Brubeck Sophia excells !