Want to go fiber optic into an Etherregen, could use some advice

Hi all,

I'm soon getting an Etherregen to connect to my streamer/DAC. I would like to use my Ethernet switch's SFP+ port to connect it via fiber to the Etherregen and could use some help choosing the correct cables and adapters. My chain will be: PC -> Ethernet Cable -> QNAP QSW-308-1C switch (which has 2 SFP+ ports) -> fiber -> Etherregen (SFP in) -> Ethernet out -> Ethernet in to my Esoteric N-05XD streamer/DAC.

So basically I (think) I need the following:

- two transceiver modules (one out of the Qnap switch and one into the Etherregen

- one fiber cable between the two. 

In order to avoid ordering the wrong transceivers and cables on Amazon and having to return, would anyone be willing to recommend specific transceivers and cables that work in this specific chain?

From reading around the forum, I think these would work:

- FTLF1318P3BTL transceivers

- FiberCablesDirect 2Pk 2M OS2 LC LC Single Mode Fiber Patch Cables

But please let me know if there are better models, or if I'm missing something else.



EtherREGEN Gen2 is comung. 700$ USD    Shipping June 2023

Finisar for SFP optic cable several models .

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What do you think you'll gain by going fiber optic?  How long is your run?  Jerry

Based on the information provided, it seems like you have identified the necessary components for your setup, including the transceiver modules and fiber cable. The FTLF1318P3BTL transceiver modules are compatible with the QNAP QSW-308-1C switch, which has two SFP+ ports. These transceiver modules can transmit data over single-mode fiber optic cables.

For the fiber optic cable, the FiberCablesDirect 2Pk 2M OS2 LC LC Single Mode Fiber Patch Cables you have identified are also a suitable choice. These cables have LC connectors on both ends and are compatible with the transceiver modules you have selected.

It is important to note that you need to choose the correct type of fiber optic cable for your setup. In your case, single-mode fiber optic cable is recommended since it allows for longer transmission distances and higher bandwidth compared to multimode fiber optic cable.

Overall, it seems like you have made appropriate choices for the transceiver modules and fiber optic cables in your setup. However, you may want to double-check the specifications of your equipment and consult with the manufacturer or a technical expert to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

Cheak out what people like Ed Mietner and Andreas Koch say about Fibre. Kind of validates my thinking on fibre. Fibre is the only way I stream now.

Thanks for all the info everyone. I guess my main concern is about the fact that the Qnap switch I have is SFP+ while the Etherregen is SFP. I have read that if you plug in a cable in an SFP+ cage, no matter what the cable is, it will send an SFP+ signal and the SFP-only Etherregen won't see it. 

Not sure if that's the case or not. I've also considered having one SFP+ transceiver at one end an SFP at the other. Or maybe the newer SFP/SFP+ dual mode transceivers.

If anyone has had experience with this kind of issue please let me know. Thanks

@txenakis - did you get it sorted out, and did the SFP+ work with the EtherRegen?


I want to replace a 45 foot ethernet cable with fiber, and I am also considering the EtherRegen.  Trying to decide if I should get single or multimode fiber.  Seems like either should work, but is there a benefit to SMF for such a short distance?

I just did this -connect an optic from my Cisco switch to the etherregen- and these are the 2 products I bought from FS- it was easy to plug on the transceivers to the cable, shipped to my door for $60 CDN and works like a charm- configuring a Cisco switch for the first time was a different matter! - it literally has been 3 days ago so I haven’t made any sonic impressions yet. Etherregen requires the LC cable. from Uptone: Only Gigabit LC-optical or copper interface modules are compatible with the SFP cage of the EtherREGEN. They can be SX multi-mode, LX multi-mode, or LX single-mode, as long as they are Gigabit and match what is used at the other end of the optical cable.

15m (49ft) LC UPC to LC UPC Duplex OM3 Multimode PVC (OFNR) 2.0mm Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Cisco GLC-SX-MM Compatible 1000BASE-SX SFP 850nm 550m DOM Duplex LC MMF Transceiver Module