Want to get into Streaming

I know very little about streaming. I did read a ways back in some thread to look up someone, he had a primer on the subject for someone like me, in my situation. Thank you for your help.
What are your goals? Budget? What existing equipment do you currently have?
I want to stay under $10,000. I think I have found out, I would like to at least try Tidal and Qobuz. McIntosh C-500 tube pre, Berning ZH270, TT & CDP.
Might have been Hans Beekhuyzen. He has a YouTube channel with many interesting entries.  https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCR4tuhqPppVp-PD0q17sPEA/videosGood luck, and have fun!
@sabrejet .
Okay, a primer for streaming:
1. A streaming service via the web.
Qobuz, Tidal are high resolution services. 
1.5 A streaming unit like-
The Bluesound Node (lots of streaming applications) or Aurender N100 (Qobuz or Tidal, only).
2. A good DAC
Ayre Codex, Schiit Yggy, Mytek Brooklyn-All good DAC's at a great price point- Around $2K new, much less used.
All of the aforementioned will be well under $10K, and will be a good introduction to streaming music. If you want to spend more, I would be glad to provide additional information.