Want to downsize

Which is your preference for stand mount loudspeakers and why?
The stand takes up real estate too - why not occupy with cabinet volume ?

Just a thought

Proac, 1SC's as they are very musical, and very affordable.
For me, WAF was the initial motivator. We looked at Quads but finally settled on Sonus Faber Electa Amators. I have lived happily with them for twenty years. The size mattered here, so smaller was more acceptable. I have never regretted that decision. The sound is warm and solid, never thin. They are beautifully made, sculpted walnut and I doubt that I would ever sell them. The walnut and marble stands look heavy but are esay to move. You don't need to build a room around them, they fit anywhere.
If I was downsizing, I'd go back to Usher BE 718's. Why... for the money they're hard to beat.
You must have some fairly large speakers as stand mounted monitors don't save any space compared to standard towers. At least mine don't.