Want to buy an Audio Dharma cable cooker

Hello, I'm thinking of buying an Audio Dharma cable cooker. I'm looking for any comments on it, especially from people that own one. Thanks! Sincerely, Stan
Hi Stan,
I own and use one. I recommend it, nice machine that does just as advertised. I use mine to treat customers cables and it really helps in speeding up the break in process. It will even improve the sound on your current in-use cables. Highly recommended. I hope this is of some help to you.

Hi John, Thanks for your response! Everything that I've read about it seems to be positive. I talked to Alan late today. I'm seriously thinking of buying a unit early next week. I know that the Cable Company has two units that are running 24/7 on customer cables. Thanks again! Sincerely, Stan
If you play with a lot of cables it is very helpful

What about the Hagerman cable cooker?
Be prepared to hear from fellow members who talk out of their butts about what a waste of money on such a foolish unit. Of course they have never owned one or tried one but never the less........

John is a smart man and I agree with him.

Do you own one, Glory?

I have tried one (loaned from a friend). It did make some difference in my interconnects, but I couldn't justify the expense for treating two or three pairs of interconnects a few times a year. However, I can definitely see where it makes sense for a cable manufacturer to own one, or for an individual who changes wire frequently.

Bottom line, it's a price/value decision for each individual...just like with most tweaks.
I'd check out the Hagerman FryKleaner too. My model cost $449 and represents one of the best buys I ever made.

Yes I do own one.

At least you did try one out and heard a difference. It's the members of this site, who have never tried the unit out, that potty bad mouth it that I wonder where their heads are.

If you feel the price for cooking your cables three times a yr. is to high than I would say you have made a wise decision. I for one feel otherwise.
stan...i also own a pro audio dahrma and would not be without mine..i recook my cables every 6 months and it does make a significant difference.alan makes a great product and although i am sure there are other products out there that work to some degree the fact that alot of cable makers use alan's product speaks volumes about its' ability to improve the sonics...you won't be unhappy...calloway
I have owned a Cable Cooker for a few years. Very good investment. The cost is about that of a good interconnect and gives you the ability to always keep your cables at there peak.

Playing music from CD players really doesnt draw enough to properly break in interconncets.
The Cooker puts a deep signal thru them which allows them to perform at there best.

You would be surpised how many times I have used it.
It it great for just about any cable (with adpters). Such as RF cable, SVHS, BNC, Speaker Cable, Power Cables, Interconnects.
Wow! Thanks for all the great answers!! It sounds like it's a good product that has no problems. I've decided to buy an Audio Dharma cable cooker next week. I guess I'll buy the Pro version, since there is only a $100 difference. Like Ozzy said, it's a very good investment. Thanks again and have a great weekend!! Sincerely, Stan
Talon4, I would echo the positives already mentioned. The cooker is a fantastic piece. If you try different cables often, you will no doubt be glad you have it. I see it as a cable optimizer/conditioner/enhancer and use it on a regular basis. Heed Alan's notes about gradual burn-in though. Cables can be overcooked IME and sound a bit lifeless, but seems to heal in time.
Yesterday, I ordered an Audio Dharma Pro cable cooker after talking to Alan for about 20 minutes. He went into detail about cable cooking techniques. He seems like a very nice and smart gentleman too. Delivery should be in about 2 weeks. I think that it will be a big help, as it's a life time investment. Thanks again! Sincerely, Stan
I have a Hagerman FryKleaner Pro and it was an invaluable tool when I was auditioning a lot of cables for my system. It made it possible to get 3, 4, 5 cables at a time from the "Lending Library" and be sure all were at the same fully broken-in level when I compared them.

That alone, made it worth the price of admission in the time it saved me. Now, I give cables a "refresher" every 6 months because my system no longer gets daily use.