Want to buy a high-end and excellent DAC, help plz

right now I want to upgrade my DAC so I can stop considering about source for a while

My taste: liquid, image, soundstage, detail, neutral.

I have in mind about the theta gen VIII or the accuphase DC - 101. However, I don't think i have a chance to listen to the demos so everyone's opinion is very important to me

Which one is better in your opinion? or do you know some DACs better than them?
plz give me your opinion

Lobster King, go to my review of the Accustic Arts Reference Tube Hybrid DAC for details regarding its performance and why after listing to DACS that cost over $20000.00 more I still think AA DAC competes with anything on the Market today.
Thank Teajay, that's one definitely a killer DAC. However, right now I want to look for a killer solid state DAC.
Do you have any opinion about the theta gen viii , accuphase DC101 or other high end solid state DAC?
Lobster King, if your interested only in a solid state DAC I would recommend you look at my review of the Accustic Arts DAC MK3, which was my reference untill the Tube Hybrid. You could purchase one at a great price on the market right now.

I have had top end Accuphase pieces in my system in the past and have heard Theta gear in other systems and still think the AA DACS, to my ears, are more musical and still resolving compared to either brand.
However, I don't think i have a chance to listen to the demos so everyone's opinion is very important to me

Well I am not in your league (I could not justify such expense on a DAC) but assuming you really do welcome all opinions on this matter - I would say you have to absolutely do in home audition at this price. It will mostly come down to your taste and system synergy at this stratospheric level.
I just added a separate <$1000 but highly regarded single-tubed DAC to my otherwise pure SS system.

The result is radically different sounding for the better I would say and more like some very high end tube systems I've heard, but I think the relative quality judgment on my part is to some significant extent a result of personal taste in sound.

IS it possible you just need to try a different sounding DAC, not necessarily one that cost a fortune? Different DACs at any particular price point can and often do sound radically different.

If you need something pricey, I'd agree with Shadorne to do in-home auditioning to justify the cost. I for one would be interested in hearing about your findings.
If you want liquid the Theta Gen VIII v.2 is the why to go. I bought one a few months back and boy did it bring out the music on my CD's. There is a used one currently listed for a great price and for an additional $1500 you can have it upgraded to the V.2 which has a much better volume control and updates to the DAC's.

Something to check out if you can.
Thanks for all your help everyone. My current DAC is the audio prima MKII SE version. I love the DAC's sound alot, but I decide to sell it for an upgrading.
Does anyone have opinion about the accuphase DC-101? or other DACs?
your opinion is very important to me

My taste is (in order): soundstage, detail, liquid, image, airy, fullness.
Did you upgrade your Theta Gen VIII to V2?
I am wondering if you have first hand experience on the upgrade and its worth.
No I bought the V2 new. I have never heard the V1.
I can tell you that the prices of a used V1 are falling (see currently listing here on Agon) so now is the time to buy one if your in the market. There is a thread on the AVS forum with a few people that have upgraded to the V2 and all have say it was a measurable difference in sonics. In my experience with the Gen VIII v2 I feel it is one of the best Dacs/preamps on the market today. If you call around to the Theta dealers most will give a you decent discount seeing the current state of our economy. Not to many people walking into their store plunking down 11k for electronics equipment. Or just buy one off of Agon and get it upgraded down the road. Your still ending up with a very highend DAC or a straight 2 channel preamp. I use it mainly for vinyl.