Want to add more airy, liquid high for my system


I recently switched from KRELL KSA-100S+PASS ALEPH P to Mark Levinson 334+Musical Fidelity X-Can V3(Use Headphone Output as Pre).

I got more spacious, rich and laid back sound stage which I wanted to have. Mark Levinson absolutely takes control of my Infinity Prelude MTS System. Bass is tight and more dynamic. Overall soundstage is very well focused, balanced and coherent. I am really happy with this.
However, I miss sweet, liquid, airy and bright high which KRELL gave me before.

Is there any way to add more airy, transparent, liquid, bright high in my current sound?

I consider to get ARC 15LS, 16LS or Conrad Johnson premier 17LS, Does this really help? Should I consider another preamps or change poweramp also?

Thank you
Try cleaning your contacts, meaning everything including power connections, if you haven't already done this. Then apply either Silclear or Walker's SST product. Lots of reviews of both, all being generally positive, especially in the area that you're interested in.

Bob--What you are looking for can be found in a Single Ended Triode Amp. Their are some FI 2A3 amp for sale here on AudioGon. You will need to build your system around a low output amp. Under 10 watts. The 2A3 amps are 3 watts. I think it's what your looking for. I have been hooked by the SET amps.
I have added a tube pre-amp to my system, This has turned out to be a great match with my Krell Ksa-250. As you know tube pre's can be had in many flavors (mine is extended, neutral and with just a touch of sweetness) which is exactly what I was after.

My tube pre replaced my Bent Audio TVC passive in my system.

By all means get a tube pre-amp - I don't see how you can help but improve on what you are presently using. But take your time - not all tube preamps are equal. If you like warmth and clarity you might want to consider some older used pre-amps. Many of the new ones are neutral in tone although they remain very clear and liquid. Careful and broad research on each candidate is manditory if you want to reach your goal and can audition stuff in your home. One of my favorite and relatively inexpensive tube pre-amps on the used market is the EAR 834L. No frill's, three tubes, very quiet, long tube life (I leave mine on 24/7 and have changed tubes twice in 6 years). Tone wise its very similar to my ARC SP10.
Put some ZCable products into the system and you won't think about the sound in terms of frequency bands but rather in terms of the whole. The IC, Z-SLEEVE, and speaker cables are outstanding.