Want Nice table radio cd player to replace bose

My mom has had a Bose radio for years
It recently broke
I am not a fan

I recall in the mid 80s proton have a wonderful table radio

Her space is limted and its kitchen listening. Good sound not schlock is what I am striving for and not too complicated. She doesnt do bluetooth (deep blue rocks) or ipod, maybe something with cds and a usb plug in

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


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Have you looked at the Meridian M80?

Great build quality and great sound.

They can be a bit hard to find, but most who are familiar with it consider the M80 the ultimate Table Radio/Receiver.

Hope that helps,
Cambridge Soundworks always had a decent knock-off of the Bose so you might check their website. The company was founded by Henry Kloss of Advnet, KLH and AR.
Cambridge it is, thanks
I can buy her an ipod loaded with songs next for Christmas
i bought my classical-loving dad a SANGEAN WR-11 ($85 on amazon). really nice sound and sensitive tuner; has input for ipod or whatever.
You may want to check out Tivoli Audio. I've owned a Model Two for almost 10 years, and it is compact with nice sound. Much better than Bose (have one of those, too) or Proton (owned one in the '80's):