Want new phono amp, what should I buy?

I have a Sota Star Nova turntable with an SME V tonearm and will soon have a Sota Cosmos 4 turntable. I curently have a very low hour Zyx 4D cartridge with the Gold Coils, Purist Audio Designs 1.2m Venustas Rev C tonearm and a Zyx Artisan Phono amp. The rest of my system is Pass Labs XP 10 Pre-amp and a X350.5 power amp with a set of built to the max True Soundworks (Rich Murry) Apogee Duetta Ultimate Signatures speakers. I think the weak link in my phono rig is my phono amp. I would like some recommendations for my audition list?
The Aesthetix Rhea Signature phono stage would balance well in your system. And at a higher level of performance, the Aesthetix Eclipse would be a no brainer if you can make that level of investment improving your vinyl playback.

On the solid state side, the current version of the DSA Phono-One is superb as is the Walker Audio Reference Phono, which provides a bit more subtle, resolving and refined outcome than the DSA or any other solid state phono stage I've heard.
Go with a Pass phono stage.
You've already got a Pass pre and amp, why not the Pass XP15 or XP25 phono stages?
My recommendation would be the ASR Basis Exclusive phono stage. It is a battery powered unit, that will accept up two cartridges, (with separate gain and loading for each), and will allow for balanced inputs as well.
It is extremely quiet, (with virtually no noise floor), with even very low output MC cartridges, and it is also very musical, IMHO.
I have two friends who currently use it.
(And if I could afford it, .....)

FYI, there are two versions, one is the standard "blue" board version that came out several years ago, and there is the newer "gold" board version that is slightly better, (and of course more expensive). The older version typically runs around $3-4K used, and the newer version around $5-6K.
I've been very happy with Herron vtph-2 mm/mc phono preamp. A search on audiogon will show it has a cult following.
Don't sell the Artisan short, esp. w a ZYX cart. In a head to head comparison on a very high resolution analog rig (Teres 365, Triplanar, ZYX Universe, Doshi-Lectron, B&W 802Ds), the Artisan was substantially better than a Rhea Signature w NOS tubes. The phono stages we listened to that day, in pretty much unanimous agreement, were, in overall descending order of SQ, were Doshi-Alaap > Manley Steelhead = Artisan >> Rhea Signature. YMMV, but I'd try it at home before parting w long green on the Rhea. Never heard the others that have been mentioned.
My friend has that table and arm and uses a Pass phono and pre. I use the Basis Exclusive mentioned above. But all systems are different and we all hear differently so it would be hard to say which would sound best to you. I would also try to hear the Audia phono stage.
I think I was at that same demo in CT a couple of years ago with those phono stages you describe. I completely agree with your recollection about which sounded best. I would only echo what others have said that each system and personal taste varies, so the best way to be sure is to audition the options in one's own system if possible.
I have access to the Pass Labs XP-25 and an XP-15. I should have them sometime next week and should know more as soon as they are warmed up after a day of idling. I did order an XP-20 to replace my XP-10. Apparently those guys in at Pass Labs are very busy and I should see that XP 20 in mid August. I really appreciate the advice. I am going to try to listen to others mentioned in this thread.
I've got the Pass Xono with the XP20 and XA.5 amps. It' a good match. I've read that the XP15 is better than the Xono and the XP25 is a significant improvement over that. Remember that one convenience of the XP25 is the easy loading via front panel knobs. Spend some time finding the best settings for your system before making any buying decisions. Also, these units are meant to be on 24/7 and I was told that to sound their best they need to be on for a few days at least, so keep them both plugged in while evaluating their performance. You might also want to contact Kent at Pass for advice.

Please let us know what you think of these Pass units once you've had them in for a while.
Any updates?
If you want tubes, try the TRON Seven phono. Top class boutique Brit phono stage distributed by Jeff at Highwater Sound, NYC.
What about the AMR PH77 tube phono ? It is truly a great unit, with the usual bloom, transparent n body that u can only get with tubes.

However, it is NOT slow - in fact, it does not lack pace

Moreover, u can adjust gain n loading, all from the convenience of the remote. it has 24 diff. RIAA curves to choose from too

Hope this helps ...
If it is in your budget I would get the Coincident Technology Phono Stage. It lists at $5,500 and is the best performing phono stage I have ever heard. It also has an extra input to use as you wish.