Want help on what speakers cables to try.

Not new to this and been around the block to many times and really wanting input from others on what they may recommend.
Speakers cables only, Please.
Have the Audio Space 3.1 Reference 300B Integrated amp.
21 / 25 watts per channel. This drives my Silverline Sonata ( original ) which I believe is 93 maybe 94 DB.
These are Bi-Wire speakers.
2 of my favorites where: Harmonix, and the HT Pro 9 Plus.
I was thinking of trying the HT Pro, the newer cables that are suppose to be a step above the Pro 9 Plus then I read these are for "BIG" speakers and if you have a high powered amp? Well, my speakers are some what big but I am not going to part with my tube amp which is a far cry from "HIGH POWER".
My whole system is tube based other then my digial which I find I seldom use, prefer analog.
So, the question is: Try these new HT Pro, which happens to be bi-wire or try what ?
Have a good audiogon friend I put a lot of faith in on using Bi-wire or single ended. He prefers single ended and go with a good pair of jumpers. So I really will consider either. He has been in this longer then I have.
Should I be considering Copper or Silver ?
Like to keep the $$$$ around 600.00 used. Can go more if need be.
Thanks for your help,
I know from speaking with Alan Yun that he is adamant about using copper wire on his speakers.
If you are going used, you should easily be able to score a pair of PS Audio XStream Reference Bi-wires. 8' pairs typically show up for $300-500/pair. This is a cable that was purpose-built to be bi-wire. The bass run uses huge solid core copper conductors in a few different gauges; the treble run uses smaller gauges of silver-plated solid core copper. The very low impedance of such a huge speaker cable (about 2 lbs. per foot) should serve your low-powered amp--and especially a tube amp's higher output impedance--well.

If the set you score is fully intact, it will include interchangeable screw-on spades and bananas. I don't know what kind of speaker terminals your amp has, so maybe the bananas would be better. One caution: These are huge and heavy speaker cables, so you may need to get two or more C-clamps to anchor the cables to the amp shelf so the weight of the cable doesn't snap off the bananas or drag your amp or speaker off its shelf or stand. I use a C-clamp to ensure that mine doesn't pull the center channel speaker off its shelf above the TV.

Still, electrically and sonically speaking, for fullness, weight, speed, and transparency, these are a good candidate. They were originally $1500 cables and look, feel, and sound like it.
Are you talking harmonic techs?How about az hollowgrams or satori bi(shotgun).Always in your range...
I've used a few- PS audio and Cardas. Never liked them.
I strongly recommend Audioquest Midnight. They are discontinued and very inexpensive used. An excellent speaker cable for the $.
All tube gear, mostly vinyl.
Keep us posted.
Tvad, you made a good point, I have talked to Alan myself, maybe its time to talk to him again.
Audioquest is one I have never looked at, I will also check them out.
Yes Harmonic Technology. AZ, I get myself confused when I read about the Satori / Hollogram.
There is a Audio Show this weekend in Detroit Mi. I will be there and check out what there is. And what is being used.
BTW, after speaking with Alan, I purchased some of his Silverline Audio
Conductor speaker cables. I thought they were very good, until I tried some
Gregg Straley Reality Cables (that cost a fourth of the Silverline Audio cables).

The Reality cables were superior to my ears. It wasn't even a close contest. I sold
the Silverline cables and lost more in the sale than the Reality Cables cost to
Supra Sword speaker cables. There's a set on Audiogon right now.

Any of the Synergistic Research Tesla series would be an excellent start... and, of course, Ridge Street Audio Poiemas and Alethias... and then there's Morrow Audio's SP3s or SP4s...

:) listening,

Try my Audioquest Clear Hyperlitz Cables that I have listed for sale here on Audiogon. They are a hybrid of silver and copper conductors.
What do you want them to do? What do you need? Cables other then the cables used inside the speakers will change what the designer had intended or wants them to sound like. So to your ears what don't you like about the cables you are using? Here is my 2 cents. If you want to get more speed and detail quality silver cables Wireworld Silver Eclipse biwire UHF used for years in their reference system and I enjoyed them for some time. Bass is good with a quality silver but if you need more foundation more bass and detail a mix of silver and copper. If you need more bass period, copper Cardas great for foundation building bass. If you are looking to open things up extend your sound stage Nordost opens and layers things well but I can tell you the highs will come out at you with the Blue Heavens and Red Dawns told the higher up the line you go the sound remains open and the highs don't come out at you so much. On and on each has it's plus and minuses and could act differently in different systems. It is said they are like tone controls I would say yes and no some tend to open or close the music and layers in or out also. If you find your ideal cable let us know.