Want help for my system

Hi , this is curently my system :

JMLAB Mini Utopia with a YBA 2 preamp large power supply the CD player is a YBA CD 2 , I have transparent ultra speaker wire and YBA diamond interconnect from the cd player to the preamp and deom the preamp to the power amp.
I want to change my curently power amp (witch is a Marantz 250) and is really old , I want to have a power amp that will be the most real music like , and im curently hesitating on one of those amp : YBA 2 HCDT or Goldmund Mimesis 28 . Do you have any advices ?
hi...i have the YBA alpha 2 preamp and the YBAcd1,im using a Bryston 4BST and i find the combination works great.
go to yba ,better matching but try better cables
The YBA and Goldmund are two excellent choices. You should listen to them both in your system and make a decision based on your preference. You've already got other good components. I think the solution is pretty simple. As stated by Adsal above, you can then work on fine tuning with cables. As far as the Bryston with the YBA preamp, I am surprised by that recommendation, as they seem to me so different in nature, one being smooth, warm and relaxed, and the other, the Bryston, fast, detailed and upfront. Maybe there is a balance there, I just don't think I would go that way.
I was going to write that this is clearly a case of too many dollars chasing too few......but then it's possible that Diakonov has never heard of Milton Friedman so I won't bother
The best advice is buy mark levinson amps. And you harmonic technology cables. The levinson amps are great a 331 would cost you 2,200 on the used market and a 334 around3,000 good luck
Salut Diakanov! With all due respect for all the above, and if U like yr YBA 2 pre and yr. JM Lab Minis, partner with YBA 2HC rather than the Mimesis. This is MHO, having heard cross combination, pre & power, from the two brands. The other way round (mimesis pre, YBA 1/Passion) works well -- but, why bother? Yr YBA electronics are excellent and match JM lab well (it is rumoured that Mr Andre --YBA-- uses Utopias too...).