Want custom horn speakers : who best builder ?

with either cogent compression drivers or Ale...3 way.
need exceelent crossover. who does this well? any LINKS can provide appreciated for pictures.
Are Cogent compression drivers for sale separately? If so, that's news to me.

I'd suggest you contact Kevin Brooks (ALE dealer) and Steve Schell (Cogent) for their recommendations.

Or if you want a custom from-the-ground-up system, including extremely advanced design of the horns themselves, and are willing to pay accordingly, contact Earl Geddes through his website, www.gedlee.com.

Jeffrey Jackson can build you whatever you want and killer electronics to go with it.

His website is not up to date with his latest speaker designs but horns are his passion and everything I've heard is wonderful.
John Kalinowski, Kloss on Audio Asylum and I believe John K on Audiogon, does a great job with horns and is also a pleasure to deal with.
Thanks Guppy for the kind words Iam curently working on a sunlight engineering se308 coaxil 18in in giant BLH with gizmos old drivers and fostexs new amazing t500amk2.Also a 2 way horn system with fostex d1400 comp mid,t500amk2 and fw405 in bottom vented BR.Have customer projects under construction but these are for my own use;)
Ditto on Jeffrey Jackson for horns AND electronics. The best SET amps that I've heard! .....and I've heard and HAD a lot!