Want better sounding speakers?......Look at this

I using Mi-Rollers, Jr Isolation feet under my speaker, I am using three under each speaker......the difference is amazing.......Hey, try it for yourself!....... www.mihorn.com ..... http://cls.audiogon.com/cls-bin/cls.pl?spkrfull&1108395747 .......... Richard Patrick
Interesting,know anyone who has them?You sure come up with some neat sites....Bob
ok...so when are you gonna try the Mihorns themselves?
Here's something else that will make your speakers sound better.......... www.dakiom.com

Look up member Mihorn and read his feedback.

It seems at least members Sayjul and Eldragon have bought and tried out the Mihorns (with positive results). Perhaps they can share their expriences/opinion with us?

I'm certainly curious.
Rpatrick, what do you know about the Dakiom stabilizer products? Your post encouraged me to check out their site. I was very interested in what I read. Then, as I checked out the image of the A-103 output stabilizer, I noticed a maximum usage rating of 160 watts per channel listed on the product itself. What happens if you want to try this product on higher wattage amps?? Also, would this product impede the maximum performance of IC’s and speaker wires? I would like to hear more on the subject of the Dakiom stabilizer products.
Rpatric, further reading of the Dakiom site answered my question about amplifier output ratings. As you are probably aware, Dakiom makes different models (i.e.: A-103+) to handle different output ratings. My question about IC's and speaker wire still applies?? Anyone out there have any experience with this product??

Thank you.
2chnlben, if you look in the Dakiom review site, you will see that lots of different IC's and speakers cables are being use here.....and these feedback stabilizers will give you (better performance) than (any cable) will give you......you need to try it for yourself and see if it works out in (your system).....every system is different.......
Here's a review on these Dakiom A103 and R103 Feedback Stabilizers...... http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?raccs&1095643464&openusid&zzRpatrick&4&5#Rpatrick ........ (This post is in my Answers threads)..........
Here's some new stuff I tried that made my speakers sound A LOT better called QuickSilver contact enhancer WWW.XTREMEAV.COM
I would like to tell you all more about the QuickSilver contact enhancer, its been breaking-in now for about a week now. On Audio.....I am hearing a deeper tighter more extened bass and the noise floor has lowered a lot now.....I am hearing things now that was covered-up before! The highs are more extened and sweeter now and the midrange is more transparent and its just amazing how it just blossoms now! I am hearing more air around voices and Instruments and the soundstage is much more 3-Dimensional...broader....deeper! On Video.......I notice better definiion and contrast is a lot higher now and the colors look much better now too! The white are brighter and the blacks are blacker....the colors look so much more real looking. The picture now looks more sharper and the depth of field and resolution just amazed me!! QuickSilver opens a window into a new level of Visual and Listening pleasure! Give this stuff a try and see what you think.....Brain is a very nice person to deal with too! www.xtremeAV.com
Rushton, it takes up to 2 weeks or so for the QuickSilver to break-in all the way, you all did not let this stuff break-in good. Anybody that trys this stuff, will hear for themselves that it takes more than 12+ hours for for break-in. Even on their web site it says 3 to 4 days for break-in! www.xtremeAV.com
I couldn't disagree with Rushton more. I have directly compared Quicksilver to SST and there is NO comparison. Quicksilver is in another league. Don't get me wrong, I did like SST when I first tried it...but SST is minor league when compared to Quicksilver.
First off you didn’t let Quicksilver break in long enough. The instructions say 72-96 hours. I didn't like the initial listening either, but based on the manufacturers recommendations, I ran my system for several days WITH signal and then did some critical listening. I found the results anything but "fatiguing" or "un natural", in fact the total opposite was the case. There was less noise, less congestion, instruments had VERY distinct separation. The music was more enveloping rather than being thrust at me. The singer had moved a foot or two more forward, but there was infinite space behind them now. There were no boundaries to the right and left sides as there were before. A HUGE sense of space and openness like never before.

“Brightness” and “messes up tonal balance and overtone structure”? Not here. I’m hearing something totally different.

I agree with Jack Seaton, I’m hearing things that I never knew were on recordings before, including the two months I used SST.

I was so impressed with what Quicksilver did for my two-channel that I treated my home theater system…same results, absolutely incredible. I have an extensive DVD collection and naturally I have some favorite/reference movies and concerts. Again…I am hearing voices more clearly and with texture and body through my center channel that are chilling they are so real. Sounds that were very subtle before Quicksilver are now very apparent. But as good as Quicksilver is on Audio…the Video is even better. Since applying Quicksilver about 6 weeks ago, I have turned my color levels down 30% and my black level down 15%. Immediately after applying Quicksilver I had to turn the color down about 20% and the black level down about 10%. The picture continues to improve every week.

SST not only lacks in performance, the application is a nightmare and the removal is worse that that. Be prepared to remove something closely resembling gum on the bottom of a school desk when removing SST. Quicksilver removes very easily in seconds and is totally removes easily with one swipe of an alcohol swab. SST’s swab is also very clumsy, you CAN NOT apply to an S Video cable with this eyeliner applicator. I say can not, you could if you want it all over the sides of the barrel and have a total messand the risk of shorting out your pins! Quicksilver has a very sleek brush that is a sheer pleasure to use .Walkers applicator is like trying to use a jack hammer for precision work.

After reading Rushtons posts here and elsewhere, it appears to me that he may be on a promotional campaign for Walker products. While I like some of Walkers products, I call them like I see them. I also wonder how objective of a review Rushton could make after I look at his previous posts about the Procenium and SST elsewhere? It is apperant that Rushton has an agenda. Although he may or may not be employed by Lloyd Walker, it would be a safe bet that he got some direct affiliation with him.

I have read the numerous Testimonials by Quicksilver customers like Jack Seaton, and ALL of them contradict Rushton and parallel my experiences.

One suggestion to Rushton, contact Quicksilver and request your money back. Quicksilver has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Quicksilver improved my neighbors $2000.00 Audio/Video system just as much as it did my reference system . There not is the same league by any means, but the improvements were very similar.

Quicksilver is literally like changing a component, the improvements are anything but subtle and at $64.95 it is a freakin steal!

In closing Rushton…No, I’m not buying it, I smell the stench of ulterior motives in the air!
Treyfrench, ye of one post, the only stench of ulterior motives I smell is yours. Rushton is the wrong guy to pick on. His credibility around here is beyond reproach.
JUST posts don't give credibility. Rushton is a stool pigeon for Walker and his products plain and simple. Hell he probably didn’t even buy any Quicksilver. Look back at his reviews of the Procenium Turntable and SST. His comments on Quicksilver directly contradict EVERY other testimonial to date. Anyone who has used Quicksilver AND SST will tell you exactly what I have.

There is no opinion involved here, these are FACTS. I challenge you to dispute one thing I have said in my comparisons of Quicksilver and SST.

This is not about the number of posts here .Its about comparing SST to Quicksilver, if you have something about comparing the two, I would love to hear it.

CHALLENGE RUSHTON…Tell us (Audiogon Community) where you purchased the Quicksilver and when. I don’t think you bought any…
I applied quicksilver to my system, Video first, 2 channel next. It has only been a week in my system. I also could tell a difference right away on video. 2 channel is just starting to change. I beleive this is going to be a great tweak. So far so good in what I am hearing. Video, Yes very good tweak for sure. It is still improveing in both formats.
I've heard from a number of Quicksilver users that we did not allow enough break-in time and that Quicksilver needs 36-72 hours to begin coming into its own. Break-in is something we've all experienced, and I agree it is important and real for many components. The break-in we allowed in our listening was 12+ hours, clearly not as long as is being recommended. So, treat my comments as premature, if you will. Since I don't plan on spending more time re-doing our listening session with this longer break-in period, I've asked Audiogon to delete my comments, which they graciously did. If you decide to try this product, I suggest you be prepared to invest a lot more time for break-in than we allowed in order to try this in your own system.
One post. What makes you the expert at Rushton's motives?
Rushton has been an open, observant poster here at Audiogon for quite some time. You, on the other hand, have posted once - and come off as a shill for Quicksilver.

You know nothing of Rushton's motives nor his experiences.
CHALLENGE TREYHOSS... you owe him an apology. His motives and his ethics are above reproach. If he says he bought it and used it, you can be sure that he did. His opinions of the product don't jibe with yours, that's fine. We all enjoy civilized discourse and debate here. Not wild accusations hurled at a respected member of this community by a relative newcomer.
I've been away for a while and have not followed the progression of these posts. I thought responses from Rpatrick were appropriate and I appreciated his feedback. Sharing different experiences is what this site is all about. What I see from Treyfrench saddens me.

My experience was very different than others were sharing, so I shared that different experience after clearly identifying that I used and had posted positively about a competing product (Walker Audio "Extreme SST", not the original SST that keeps being compared). The learning is that I should have been more attentive to the recommended break-in time instead of assuming the break-in times were likely to be similar. At 12+ hours, what I described is what was there. Would my opinion change after an additional 24 hours of playing time? I don't know, but as I mentioned above I don't have a desire to re-do the process to find out.

Nighthawk and Slipknot1, thank you for your kind words. I will simply comment for the record: I do know and respect Lloyd Walker; I do own a number of his products; I do value and respect his listening acuity; and I do think he is one of the great people advancing the art of audio reproduction today. And, that makes me one of several hundred, if not several thousand, similar audiophiles. But, I don't work for Walker Audio and have no financial relationship.

For me, I'm looking forward to returning to listening to some music. Hope you all can do the same.
Treyfrench,lighten up on Rushton dude,we all have our opinions,,
Its been about a month with the QuickSilver in my system now and this stuff is amazing now, I first thought my audio system was thru breaking in at 2 weeks, I was wrong! It is still breaking in, I can't believe it WOW! I only wish that Rushton had gave this stuff a more break in time, if he had, he would still be using the stuff right now! I have never come across a product like this and I think it will go down as one of the best Tweaks that has come on the market ever! On audio now, it sounds like I have a live band in my room! On video, depth of field and resolution are real stand outs here! The colors look so real now, you really have to see what this stuff does on video after it breaks in for a month or so WOW! Brain tells me that break in on video will get even better after 2 months! Hey, don't take my word for it, try it for yourselves!
Positive-feedback review on the QuickSilver LOOK! http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue17/xtremequicksilver.htm
I tried out a IsoClean audio grade fuse from www.aaudioimports.com and these fuses are AMAZING! I put some QuickSilver contact enhancer www.xtremeAV.com on the fuse and made it even better! These two product go together AMAZINGLY GOOD! I would put these on your short list for sure!
Dakiom feedback stabilizers has a new 2nd Generation (203 series) stabilizers that are said to be much improved over the older 103 series www.dakiom.com These cost more money, $99.00 for the R 203's ,these are for your CD, DVD players and $109.00 for the A 209's these are for your amp's