Want a new amp but what to get?

I'm using an Athem STR Preamp with a Rotel 1582 MKII. My speakers are Focal 948's with a JL Audio e-110. I stream Tidal and Qobuz hi-fi through a laptop. Am also open to suggestions for streamers. Budget for the amplifier could go as high as 5k maybe a little more. I'm more interested in finding a good match than spending loads of cash. I want a good quality well built amp that holds it's value and will last a long time and of coarse mix well with what I already have. Anyone have any informed suggestions?
I had those exact speakers for two months. I used a Primaluna HP Dialogue premium.  That was plenty of power; the 948 are surprisingly easy to drive. The sound was effortless.  I currently have Dynaudio contour 60's which really benefit from the power of pass x250.8 (or similar). I did have an xa30.5 for some time and it was a stunning amp with incredible power margin...far stronger than 30 wpc (actually its a 100  watt into 8 and 200 into 4 in class ab)
I strongly suggest you try the Pass XA30.8 or xa30.5...you will be in for a treat.

Before you make your final decision, I encourage you to read Roger Sanders' excellent white paper (you can find it on Sanderssoundsystems.com in his Technical Papers section) titled tubes vs. transistors. I found this extremely educational.
Here’s another excellent option that’s cheaper than the others I mentioned but will make your 948s sing. Like the Pass amp it’s also pure Class A. I’d just check to see how old it is just to see when/if it might need to be recapped.


If it were me, I'd buy a Valvet amp.  Read the reviews.  The E2 is probably a little too flea powered even for your speakers, but the A1.2 should work just fine and is well within your budget new.