Want a 5 channel amp that can drive 4 ohm loads

I am planning to go to surround sound (probably a 5.1 due to the size of the room) and will probably add Totem or Rega speakers for the rear and center channel. Both are 4 ohm speakers and my front mains, Royd Doublets, are 6 ohm speakers. Can anybody suggest a decent pre/pro system for around 2500 dollars that could drive these speakers.


Get a Sherbourn 5/1500A. It works great with low-impedance speakers and you'll have enough money left over for a really nice DVD player.

Get the Outlaw Audio 950 Pre-Pro and 755 amp. I believe the combo deal is $2100.00 + frt for the pair. 200 watts x 5 channels and 300 into 4 ohms. The stuff offers amazing value as it is only sold Internet Direct and will compete with anything out there under $5000.00. Wally
Most if not all of 5ch amps are solid-state devices and as such will drive 4 ohm loads without problems. The quality is another issue... on your budget you should find very good 5.1 components especially if you are willing to buy used/demo gear.
I like EAD and B&K stuff. EAD Ovation + B&K 5ch. will work great with your speakers.
If buying new maybe one of latest Pioneer Elite or Denon receivers may be an answer.
Get a used Krell KAV-500. It's in your price range, built like a tank, sounds great and loves 4ohm loads.
You should consider a Conrad Johnson MF5600. The whole MF line has no problem driving 4 or even 2 ohm loads
I like EAD powermaster amps.Tried other amps and these seem to be exceptional value all things concidered.I know that there are many amps to choose from some better and MOST are worse.I drive maggies with a PM 1000 and this is the first amp that can deliver the bass that many people say maggies lack.Maggies that lack bass lack a good amp with control and authority. The other 5 channel amps I've bought and tried Golden Theater GTA-1 200x5 ,Earthquake Cininova Granda' 400x5 , Acurus 200x3 , Sunfire signature 600x2 ,NAD 2200 100x2 , Sansui BA-3000 170x2 and countless other Japanese models. Good luck on your choice as this forum will led you in the correct direction saving you money and time. Most everyones suggestions have come from first hand experiences.
I agree with Audiobob. I use an EAD TheaterMaster-8 with the PowerMaster 1000 to bi-amp my Bohlender Graebener 4 ohm speakers. The combo provides a deep musical tube-like sound. Buy them one at a time as you can afford them.