Wanna know how noisy your AC is ?

Would you also like to know if your "AC treatments" are getting rid of the majority of noise ? Well, now you can : )

I'm going to set up a small "AC analysis kit" that will be available on a "borrow as needed" case. It will consist of an Audioprism AC Line Sniffer, an AC Polarity checker and a multimeter to verify "most proper" polarity of your components in terms of chassis ground / power cord orientation. To make things easy, i'll probably type up a brief set of instructions on how to use the Sniffer and the multimeter. The AC Polarity checker is a no-brainer, so no notes needed.

If you are interested in borrowing these, please respond here and i'll try to work out a schedule. This will only be going to people with positive Agon feedback and / or a very consistent history of posting here in the forums. I realize that some of the contributors here are not consistent buyers / sellers of gear and would not want to disregard them for that reason.

Obviously, this will be done on the "honour system", so i'm trusting in you to use them and return them in the condition that you received them AND do so on a timely basis. Borrowers of this "kit" will be responsible for insured return shipping. If there are enough people interested, i'll set up some type of rotation so that you can ship to someone relatively close. This will keep costs down to a bare minimum for all involved.

Sound like a plan ? Sean
Wow, this sounds kinda cool and awakens the inner nerd (okay not so inner) in me. Thanks Sean, definately sign me up!
Sean- would you be willing to loan it out to a snot noised young punk like myself :) I'd enjoy testing my ac power and finding a possible better way of doing it. Thanks!
Sign me up too!!
I'd happily share any expenses. I am REAL curious if my equipment is doing as expected.