Wanna feel old?

I just saw that Jimi would have turned 70 in a couple of weeks. Is that possible?
yes, its true... at my age while looking through the purple haze in my red house, I truly am experienced!
Your only as old as you want to feel - and he's dead - your alive, clearly the better alternative :-)

Good Listening

Do I have a choice?
Only americans say you are as old as you think you are, the rational world knows you are as old as you are.
The Moody Blues...getting up there too and still kicking, with extended tours still each year.

Will see them for the 6th time (5th since 1992) and first time in about 4 years or so on Dec. 1. THey have yet to disappoint.
Jeez i hate old farts touring...
The Rolling Stones are the worst. LOL
Old farts playing old music for other old farts, and charging a fortune for it. rediculous.
But if it turns you on.... feel free to do it.

I've learned to sit well back (in the sweet spot) for best sound and to not see wrinkles, liver spots, pot bellies, etc. It works! They can still sing and play (at least as of last time I saw them and have not read anything more recent to the contrary).

More women attend Moodies concerts than most classic rock groups, FWIW.

Tickets only $60 (with all fees, etc.) in the local opera house, a decent moderate sized venue. Not bad.

I am well past wanting to see the Stones again.

Soon, non of these acts will be around anymore. I wish I was well informed enough to have gone see Louis ARmstrong, Ella Fitzgerald or even Elvis when I was young and they were still around. THose acts were regarded as too old and square already back then and I had no interest.

My 16 year old son quickly agreed to go this time which was a big surprise for me. That's the new twist this time around.

I know, I know, you hate live concerts. Don't be an old fart!
Jeez I love seeing old farts touring!
My wife & I saw Asia friday night and the opening group was a local high school band. I was told the drummer was 14 years old. Hows that for tying the whole age thing together?!?
Jimi, Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell are all dead. A great group. Too bad they got lost in all the craziness of the times.
I saw The Yardbirds recently. Jim McCarty, the drummer, was the only original old fart. He looked good for his age (I sat close enough to tell)! The rest were very talented younger musicians. Probably better than the originals back in their day....

Asia was at the same excellent smaller venue the next night. I wanted to go back for that but did not.
Blasphemy Mapman! Better than Beck?
"Blasphemy Mapman! Better than Beck?"

Dunno except it not being Jeff Beck turned out to be a non-issue. These guys rocked and were at the top of their game. Like Aaron Rodgers rather than Peyton Manning perhaps.
B.B. King with all of his physical problems can still play guitar pretty well.
So Hendrix, providing he could have survived to live to 70, could still be a great musician as well as who knows how many other projects he might have gotten involved in.
I am one of those Hendrix worshippers in spite of his "loose" playing style which is not technically as good as so many other (i.e. jazz) guitarists.
but those voices in his head transferred directly to the guitar in his hands was something i don't see a lot of people, no matter how gifted, able to do.
Was he the real "voodoo child" or "whatever". but i don't consider him in the same catagory as "rock" guitar players. in my biased frame of reference he was his own catagory. Hats off to "The Experience" as well. We're talking THREE GUYS making all of that phenominal music.
I on the other hand AM getting old, as my Opus has yet to be written...
B.B. King is in his 80's and a lesson in continuing to do what you want to without having to "act your age". As a guitarist I've always found it interesting that by his own admission he couldn't play chords. The man made a living out of playing only single-note runs, and his voice put the "blue" into blues. And at 62 I still play my Strat, not professionally any more, but at home or with friends. If the opportunity presented itself, I'd play in a band again in a heartbeat.