Waltz for Debbie - Analog Productions _ BIl Evans

I recently bought Bill Evans Trio Waltz for Debbie on Analog Productions 180 gram release


maybe it's my new ZYX Universe cartridge and Artisian phono pre

this pressing (and we are not talking the 45 series) is fantastic

I have many versions of the various Village Vangard shows both CD (including complete box) and lp

the neuances in tone, feel, dynamics, etc on the piano are fabulous, this is like a whole new recording
the brush work of Paul Motian - exquisite in detail and Scott Lafaro's otherworldly bass - you could even tell when he was double plucking notes

and you can still hear the clinking of glasses and conversations in the intimate crowd

wow, I am drawn to the performance through this pressing and my new cartridge - very engaging

highly recommended
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The 45 is even better! Cheers,
I have found the the Analog Productions LP's are usually very good. I also recommend the Waltz for Debbie.
The Fantasy/Riverside vinyl rerelease-- which came out shortly before Analog Production's version-- also sounds great. I think the WFD session master tapes must have been exceptional to begin with, as the sound quality of this album surpasses many Verve & Riverside original pressings of various Evans albums. Japanese version of Trio '64 is also fine.
The 78, still in production but due for release in '08 is even better still
it beats playing russian roulette with an expensive original or early issues, and probably a bit better than the Complete Riverside Recordings which I've heard are on par with OJC

I'm very partial to the dates with Scott Lafro