Walter (Underwood HiFi), Richard (Renaissance Sounds) and Duke (AudioKinesis)

Just wanted to give a long overdue multiple thumbs up to Walter, Richard and Duke!

Though I have only made a few purchases with them, Walter, Richard and Duke have graciously spent lots of time on the phone with me.
As a newcomer to this hobby, I have greatly benefited from them taking the time to educate me on things even beyond the components I bought.

There are some really good vendors out there.  But I have been most impressed with the professionalism and respect I received (and continue to receive) from Walter, Richard and Duke.

They have demonstrated excellent post purchase customer care followup to make sure I was satisfied with my transactions with them.

As such, I will be sharing my very positive experiences with them on other forums as well.

Disclaimer: I have no business interests with Walter, Richard or Duke other than being a very happy and loyal customer.

Stay safe everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!!
i too appreciate the great service and attention over time from wally and richard - happy thanksgiving to all

(i haven't crossed paths with duke but i am sure he is great too!)
Agreed!  Walter, aka “Wally” has always been super helpful to me and any friends or family that I send his way.  He answers the phone 9 out of 10 times that I call, is super knowledgeable, and is willing to talk at length if need be. 
Great guy to do biz with!
+1 for Walter Underwood HiFi. He has developed number of performance setting products that he sells direct