Walter Becker/Circus Money-Any opinions?

I've never heard this but am a Steely Dan fan and also like Donald Fagens solo efforts. Any opinions on this one?
That CD stayed in my transport for several weeks when it first came out. It's very good. If you like Steely Dan, you'll love this.
I agree, if you like Steely Dan you will like this album. FYI: Aja would be one of my top 10 "desert island" choices.
agree pretty good cd
Thanks, Rja! Hadn't heard of this title. Didn't know he had a new one out (I assume it's new?? newer??). Anything by the Dan, Becker or Fagan is an automatic "buy" for me. I greatly enjoy "11 Tracks of Whack". Looking forward to hearing this.
I took a little time to grow on me,I like it.