wall to wall rug or linolium floor with area rug?

I am completing a dedicated audio room, 13ft.X 23FT. I will be using Watt/Puppy 5.1's driven by tube amplification. Room treatment products, such as tube traps, will be utilized. MY question is, do I install wall to wall carpeting (with padding), or a linolium floor, with an area rug placed in front of the speakers? I feel that placing the speakers directly on the linolium, will give a more stable set up. All opinions welcomed. P.S. I will be using the puppy "paws" in both situations
The puppy paws will spike through carpeting and insulation so your speakers will be solidly resting on your underlayment, presumably plywood flooring. They will also spike through your linoleum (if not immediately, then still relatively soon), so again your speakers will be solidly resting on your underlayment. Given this, the key difference will be control of mid to high frequency reflections off the floor. A decent area rug will absorb primary reflections almost as well as wall to wall carpeting. To contain secondary reflections well, I would recommend wall to wall carpeting. Good luck.
if you enjoy a live room lino, if you prefer a slightly more damped and controlled room then wall to wall. Lino will suck very little, same with the carpet.

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good luck in getting the most
I recently removed all the carpeting in the lower level of the house. We put wood=type flooring in all rooms except the living/stereo room which I painted the sub-flooring with gray garage paint. Put an area rug in the center and the sound is simply incredible. I think it was the gray paint, veils were lifted. No more wall to wall carpet for me!!!!
I also prefer a large area rug with speakers resting on tile. It's a livlier environment. Too much absorbtion takes out the sonic sparkle.
I find the WATT can be a little hot at the top end. If you like that, a more reverberant environment is better. For a smoother presentation, use wall-to-wall carpeting.
When we removed our wall to wall carpeting in favor of having hardwood floors with an area rug, the sound quality went out the window. Fortunately, this is no longer our primary listening room. In this room, we have a classic M&K satellite/sub system and imaging, smoothness and low frequency extension all became markedly worse. I would definitely recommend wall to wall carpeting from a sound standpoint.
As you might expect, this is very situation--and listener--specific. The most important thing is the main reflection point(s) between speakers and listening position. For that, an area rug (with a pad underneath) will work as well as wall-to-wall. But there are plenty of other reflections around, and how much of that you want to damp is your decision alone. Suggestion: Try it with no rug at all, and then borrow an area rug. The latter will almost certainly sound better, but noticing the differences might help you decide how much further you want to go. Also, needless to say, it's better to start experimenting with the things that are easily reversible/returnable, which wall-to-wall carpeting isn't.