Wall Plates for speaker wire connections

I have long speaker cable runs for the side and rear speakers (50-60ft.). The cables run through the attic and down the side walls of the room. To keep it looking "clean" I am thinking of installing wall plates that would connect to these cables(and then seperate speaker cables from the wall plates to the speakers).
Are there good quality wall plates available that will maintain the quality of the sound, or is this not a good idea at all.
Thanks for any other suggestions.
If you must do this, use Cardas binding posts at the wall plate and high quality spade lugs on the remainder of the (short) run to your speakers.

Better yet, simply pull your existing cables through a hole in a decorative plate and leave the terminations as they are.

It is not possible to cut the wires, add solder joints and connection points without some loss. The question is whether this is going to be audible on your side channels.
As these are just side and rear speakers, try the wall plates by Niles Audio. They are easy on the wallet and are of decent quality.
Part Express has several plates that allow different levels of connection, either solder or spade lug connection both sides. They are of good quality and relatively inexpensive.

You can realy torque these puppies for a great connection.

"Speakon" connectors can also be used (professional standard). Can be had from most suppliers like Mouser.