Wall panels to control brightness

Looking for other companies to contact other than ASC. Does anyone have recommendations as far as wall treatments. I have fantastic equipment but cannot control room brightness. Just looking for other options apart from ASC.
Thank you.
Try Auralex (think it's auralex.com), or do a search. They have a service which will suggest treatment(s) depending upon you actual room configuration and sonic complaint.

If there is a Guitar Center store in your area, they will have a catalog and perhaps some treatments on display.

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I have also been looking at control for brightness.. This looked like it might help. Have not yet tried them out ..

BAD Panel Diffusors. See here;

Has anyone tried this product?
Look at rpginc.com. They have a bewildering array of stuff - you could spend awhile reading on their site. You can pick up ProFoam and Skyline at Audio Adviser.
Take a look at Sonex. They are 2 x 4 foot sections. They do a wonderful job. You can order a set of 6. Don't remember the price, but it is reasonable. Stick with the charcoal.
You can get them through Audio Advisor.
If you can get Owens Corning 703 fiber boards they work as well and in many cases better than many of the products mentioned. Take the fiber board and cover it in a loosely woven cloth and hange it where needed (generally at the first reflection points and sometimes behind the speakers depending on their type). This also looks considerably better than the Sonex or RPG solutions.
Thank you evrybody! Your advise has all been priceless. Fellow audiophiles that are willing to help out are the best tweak I've EVER had in any of my systems bar none! To top it all of, ITS FREE! Thanks for sharing a fun and sometimes neurotic hobby.

I'm using a combo of diffusers, absorptors and bass busters from Echobusters. Were less money and work great.
If your a DIY try Jon Risch's website and search in AudioAsylum.com for a lot of info on these acoustic panels and bass traps