Wall mounts for ERA D5's

I just bought this set of ERA D5's.. please do not kill me but I do need to mount these on a wall.. I have a tiny place now and have no choice.. but I cant figure out what I can use.. they weigh 15 lbs each.. those two black covers cover 8mm tapped inset threads so they are designed for it.. Im sure Peachtree sells them but they may cost as much as the speakers... so looking elsewhere until I hear back from them on price... any ideas?
I'd contact Signal Path, (Peachtree and Era's parent). Since they include the wall mounts with the Era D4's, they must have mounts for the D5 that can be bought and I can't imagine they cost as much as the speakers.
Well Peachtree isnt returning emails or voice mail so far.. a little disappointing.
Jprinz I dont think Peachtree or signal path or whatever actually sells brackets. I know the center channel comes with one but I dont recall that being an option for the D4/5 series. I guess you could trek to Home Depot or something and buy a shelf bracket and paint it black (or whatever) and bolt it up yourself. Give them a bit more time to respond though. I have found them to be quite responsive with very good customer service. For what its worth they should work just fine ont he wall. they are rear ported but IMO they are less sensitive than I'd expected.
Take a look at the PinPoint AM40 speaker mount. Well made and will accommodate the D5.
I called again and got a hold of someone.. they said Omimount 20.0.. which makes no sense to me.. it has one threaded connection and the speaker has 2. He insisted it was right..

I'll check into pinpoint.. Even if he is right Im not mounting these 15lb speakers with one bolt.. I'll make my own.. I have a welder.
one 8mm bolt is more than strong enough for this. you really dont want to know how may big things are held in place by just a couple of these. Now that aside I see on amazon that the omnimount20.0 mounts to a 3/8-16 thread. May want to double check that 8mm insert.